Singapore meetup

It looks like the M(A)ndrosphere is growing into a real, living phenomenon now. There was Roosh's event in D.C. last year, the Las Vegas Meetup of Doom (apparently no one who went to it can quite remember everything that happened in the same order, which means it was a bloody good time), and now apparently there's a Mardi Gras Meetup of Mass Destruction happening soon.

The Observer and I figured that it was time to do something similar on the other side of the world.

Now let's be clear that since this is Singapore during the holidays, our event won't be anywhere close to as crazy as the ones referenced above- not least because beers start at S$5/pint, and that's for a local brew, never mind real beer. Nonetheless it would be good to catch up with a few like-minded characters in what is unquestionably the most blue-pill city in all of Asia right now.

We're currently looking at either the 27th or the 30th (most likely the latter), somewhere convenient (i.e. central Singapore). If you're in the city after the 26th- and I know of at least one reader of both of our blogs who is- then please by all means post a comment or send us an email. We'll look forward to catching up with you; details to follow once we have some idea of numbers.


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