Settling an age-old debate...

At last, the answer to one of the most challenging questions of all time- one that has challenged the greatest minds, the most erudite philosophers, the most skilled rhetoricians with its sheer importance!

(Hell, I didn't need Cracked to tell me that. Anyone who watched the old animated series in the 90s, or the last three Nolan movies, knows that it's true.)


  1. Wolverine > all. However, I rather like Bane (as acted by Tom Hardy) in the DC universe.

    1. Actually there was an interview done several years back in which Batman and Wolverine themselves argued about who would kick more ass in a fight...

      It's a tough call. Both of them are super-smart, super-strong, cranky as hell, and very very territorial. The only difference is that Batman is very good at picking apart the weaknesses of other superheroes.

      Well, that and those wicked-badass adamantium toothpicks that Wolverine has.


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