One year in

Another year goes by. And as usual, one is left to wonder where the hell the time went. Didn't seem like all that long ago that I was just starting out with this place. It's been challenging, it's been fun, it's often been cathartic, and it's always been educational. If you go through the archives for the past year, you'll see significant changes in content, writing style, presentation, and other things that are the inevitable results of growth and change as a writer. My writing and content is nowhere near as good as, say, Vox's or the guys over at RoK, but judging by the comments to my work, I'd like to think that I've made people think and had an impact.

According to Google's own stats, in 2013 this place saw 343 posts, over 88,000 page views, and several hundred comments. Not too shabby, I'd say, though of course I plan to do a bit better in 2014; one of my problems last year was always the fact that my job takes up so much of my time. While that's not likely to change, the hours themselves are likely to be a little more flexible now that I'm no longer in what is known as a "line role" within the capital markets industry.

Personally, I'm really not a big fan of New Year's resolutions; most of them tend to get broken or forgotten. So what follows is more like a set of stuff I'd like to do, time and circumstances permitting:

  • Really, seriously get into the game. I'll be the first to admit that I've let this slide in 2013. If you're a regular here, doubtless you've noticed that I tend to post a lot of philosophical musings about the game but very little actual hard game content. That's because I intend to be as truthful as possible about what I see and do as I can possibly be- unlike a certain PUA scammer who recently got outed. This blog is, and will always be, devoted to topics near and dear to introverts, which means that game will have to become a bigger part of it. I doubt I will (or even can) turn this into something as good as what Halfbreed has done (that would probably require setting up a separate, game-only blog), but we'll see what happens.
  • Get some more guest posts. My first real post of any note was a guest post over at Matt Forney's blog. Matt very graciously permitted me to write a post on his blog, and that gave me my first taste of writing for a broad, sometimes global audience. That was also what drove me to continue writing and thinking. I believe that our oddball little corner of teh Interwebz is strong because it is full of individuals engaged in voluntary acts of cooperation and calculation, unlike the Left's insistence on near-monolithic lockstep ideology and publishing. My invitation to submit a guest post remains open; if you want to try your hand at this writing shtick, then please let me know.
  • More introvert-related life material. Keep an eye out for posts designed specifically to help introverts figure out personal finances and a few other important life decisions.
  • Get (slightly more) ripped. I am not, and will never be, an underwear model, and I'm fine with that; I think I look pretty good these days. I would however like to gain a bit more muscle. This is becoming more difficult now due to the simple fact that all of the easy gains from powerlifting have already been achieved; now it's all about conquering that next plateau in 5lb increments. It takes time and patience and above all good form to do this. So there will probably be some amount of gym-related snark to come.
I'm sure there are other useful things to put down there, but let's just leave it at this: rest assured that everything that you like about this blog (if you're a fan) and everything you hate about it too (if you're not) is here to stay.

Here's to another year of posting to come!


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