"Maw, fetch mah huntin' rifle..."

Can someone please explain the appeal of this idiotic new phenomenon to me?

Yes, you saw that right- reindeer antlers and big stupid red nose ON A FREAKIN' CAR. I'm all in favour of Christmas spirit, but this is going a bit bloody far.

I've been seeing cars like this all over Singapore for the past week or so. There are in fact several parked downstairs in my apartment building's garage. It's beyond stupid, and it's all over the island- some sort of bizarre new trend.

Honestly, this sort of thing just tells me that many people have more money than brains around here. My first instinct upon seeing this for the first time was literally to go find a hunting rifle, because clearly Singapore has a major deer breeding problem. Fortunately, it's nothing that a little hot lead from a Winchester .22 won't fix in a hurry...


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