Israel aborts its future

Of all of the countries in the world, I didn't expect the land of Moses to support something that goes directly against one of the oldest ideas in the Bible:
In 2014, the government of Israel will pay to abort babies for any woman aged 20 to 33 regardless of the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy if, as expected, a health commission’s recommendations are instituted. 
Government health officials expect to pick up the tab for 6,300 or so abortions over the course of the year, reports Haaretz. The total cost of all the procedures will be approximately $4.5 million. The estimated cost per abortion will be just over $700 (about 2,500 Israeli shekels). 
Israel received roughly $3.1 billion in aid from the United States in 2013. 
Officials from a Health Ministry commission recommended the policy on Monday, according to The Times of Israel. The policy has not yet been passed into law. 
The health officials added that they hope to obtain universal funding to pay for even more abortions for women of all ages in future years. 
Israel is already a place where abortions are pretty easy to get. Abortion is illegal without approval from a government-endorsed panel. However, notes the Times, the panels approve 98 percent of all abortion applications. 
Each three-person government panel is made up of two doctors and one licensed social worker. At least one member of each panel must be female. 
For women who are younger than 17 or older than 40, approval is essentially automatic. It’s also almost assured in cases of rape, incest or adultery; in cases when the mother’s physical or mental health is in danger; and in cases when a genetic or congenital birth defect has been diagnosed.
My personal soft spot for the Jews notwithstanding, I find it remarkable that a people that has been so heavily persecuted and ostracised throughout history cannot understand what a disastrous and idiotic idea this is. The end results of abortion in the United States, for instance, have been perfectly clear for a number of years:
  • Women overwhelmingly abort babies for reasons of convenience- and that tendency becomes starkly clear once race is taken into account;
  • Rape- and incest-related abortions are a tiny fraction of the total number of abortions (less than 1%, evidently);
  • The majority of the 55.7 million (and counting) aborted foetuses in the USA since the abomination of Roe v. Wade were black (which I'm sure pleases Margaret Sanger no end);
Now that abortion is basically being used in much of the Third World to pre-select for gender, there is just no excuse any more for feminists and their supporters to continue with their gruesome crusade. A woman's insistence on a "convenient" lifestyle is trumped, always and everywhere, by the fact that abortion ends innocent life. Abortion, under any and all circumstances, is wrong. And yes, that includes situations where the life of the mother is in danger.

If the Israelis cannot see the consequences of their own actions, then they are truly beyond help. They deserve whatever comes to them. And if my limited readings of the Old Testament are anything to go by, this isn't the first time the Sons of David have acted so stupidly as to tempt the wrath of the Lord, and it certainly won't be the last.

Since he is a far better writer and a far more intelligent man, I leave it to Vox to have the last word on the subject:
Let's make it perfectly clear.  If you are a doctor or a nurse who performs abortions, you are every bit as bad, every bit as purely evil, as the SS-Totenkopfverbänder who slaughtered people in the National Socialists' extermination camps.  And if you are a woman who aborts her child, you are every bit as bad, every bit as disgusting, as the SS guards at those camps, who may not have bloodied their hands themselves, but were complicitcollaborated by making the killing possible. 
And if you simply support the so-called "right" to legal abortion, you are no better than a card-carrying member of the National Socialist German Workers Party.  In fact, you are even worse.  For all their many flaws, the National Socialists at least had a substantive cause: the preservation of a defeated and economically devastated German nation.  Your cause is mere female convenience, rendering you even more repellant and abominable in the eyes of anyone who values human life.  Their symbol was the reversed Swastika, but yours should be a pyramid of infant skulls. 
I understand you have your rationalizations and your justifications.  I am aware that you firmly believe that an unborn, or partially born, or newly born, child is either not human or is for some reason or another unworthy of the same right to life possessed by adult human beings who hate racism, support sexual equality, and voted for Barack Obama. I appreciate that you are absolutely convinced that acting to terminate the life of a genetically unique individual who is dependent upon his mother for his continued survival is no different than cutting one's hair or trimming one's nails.  I know you assert that because it is a woman's body, she can do whatever she wants with it, all the various trespassing and drug and flasher laws notwithstanding. Or perhaps you have a different reason, in which case feel free to make your case for it here. 
But remember this: the Nazis had their justifications too. And those justifications were considerably more soundly rooted in science, history, and logic than yours are.


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