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The Singapore meetup happened yesterday afternoon. As expected, given that it's close to the end of the year and a working day to boot, the turnout was small, and that suited us just fine. There were four of us- The Observer, two others (who will, at their own requests, remain anonymous), and me. It was a good event, there was much to discuss on a variety of subjects. I'll be posting about a couple of those topics in the coming days, particularly the questions about free trade, voluntary slavery, and the severe feminisation of society in this part of the world.

One of the guys there also recommended, in the strongest terms, the writing of a chap named Moldbug. Perhaps surprisingly, I'd never even heard of him before, but apparently he's taken some of the biggest and most difficult problems in modern economics and pretty much figured them out using the Austrolibertarian perspective as his starting point. I'm sure I'll be receiving reading material from my fellows to check out, and I'll be doing my own reading into his work as well; from what little I've seen so far, he knows what he's writing about and he's a very smart guy.

The most important takeaway for me was the fact that this "movement", if you can call it that, is gaining momentum and followers. The reason that it's difficult to think of the Manosphere as a "movement" is that it's really just a set of ideas and concepts held together by bunch of bloggers and personalities, many of whom are natural introverts, writing what and how they please. It's not coordinated, it's not centralised, it's not even particularly uniform- yesterday, for instance, was a meeting between two neoreactionaries, a paleolibertarian, and a guy who's somewhere in between. We don't agree on everything, and we shouldn't expect to. And yet, on broad principles and basic ideas, there is complete understanding. Our disagreements are intellectual, and not personal in the least- and it often turns out that we don't really disagree all that much anyway. Our movement is individualistic, organic, quietly influential, and decentralised.

In other words, it is everything that the Left is not, and can never be.

And that, ultimately, is why the Left will never be able to silence or destroy us, no matter how out-of-control the Cathedral becomes.

Many thanks to those who attended. One of the most refreshing things about writing what I do is that I find, often to my great surprise, many people who think pretty much the same way that I do. It's nice to know that I'm not (completely) crazy, and that these ideas are gaining influence and strength in very diverse parts of the world. Depending on timings and availability, we'll see if we can do this again next year, and maybe see if we can bring in a few more people next time.

And since it's New Year's Eve, happy New Year in advance to all of my readers near and far, and I'll look forward to hearing from you in 2014.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention one thing initially. One of the guys at the meetup expressed an interest in getting some fairly radical ideas out there. I'm very much in favour of this. As indicated earlier, if you read this blog and have an idea that you want to have published or discussed in a public forum, then I'd like you to consider submitting a guest post. You can always reach me via email (top-left corner of the blog). If I think that what you have to say is interesting and worth publishing, then I will do so unedited and unabridged (other than minor corrections to spelling and grammar as required).


  1. HaHa, Moldbug. I find reading his blog to be infuriating, I have such little patience. I don't get turned off by the length of his posts; just the number of words used to convey simple ideas.

    I wouldn't have minded attending. Oh well, maybe some other time.

    1. He does rather go on a bit, doesn't he?

      Let's see if we can make things happen next year- unfortunately Perth is quite a ways off even from Singapore, but still, would be good to have as many people join in one of these things as possible. It's always fun to get a perspective from Oz.

    2. Yeah, I have only read about 6 of his posts.

      Yeah, no pressure. We all have busy lives. Haha, everything is quite a way off from Perth.


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