Finding Femininity

Stephanie has a new blog up, which in her own words, "is more of a Red Pill blog like Vox but for women. Dealing with femininity instead masculinity.The same ideas of self improvement and social issues." There's only one post on it as of right now, but it's early days yet. Head on over and take a look at it and at her regular blog, Time of Calamity. I've been reading her work for a while now, and- her questionable taste in music aside- I've always found that she has interesting things to write.

Here's the money quote from her new blog's inaugural post:
There is only so much aimless self exploration one can tolerate. I became more concerned with self improvement than "finding myself". I started to define my own femininity. What qualities I found to be important. What things I could do to enrich the quality of my life. Since then, I have found the possibilities and attractiveness of being feminine, are not as limiting as my previous impression.
This is quite correct. Being feminine is, as far as I can tell, a dying art in the West. Too many women are being raised to think that they should act like men. When women act like women- by being caring, warm, interested in their appearance, and willing to support their men instead of competing with them- civilisation flourishes and society breeds precisely the kinds of strong, happy children that it needs to preserve and grow itself. When women act like men, civilisation withers and dies.

Best of luck to Stephanie in her writing and future endeavours, I hope that she continues to write and post. 


  1. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I meant to respond earlier. I should be having new posts published within the next few days. The first one will be about femininity in the work place. Seems like a great place to start. Not an Eminem fan? Surprising seeing the amount of anger, angst, and personal struggle he puts in his songs.

    1. I've never liked rap music. I got into metal when I was 16 and, well, I never looked back. This sort of thing is rather more my idea of fun.

      (They'll be in town again in February. I can't wait. That will be a LEGENDARY gig.)

  2. Ah, dedicated metal heads shall never be swayed.


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