Churchianity is worse than atheism

A left-liberal Christian argues that it is possible to hold socially conservative yet fiscally liberal views simultaneously without contradiction, and as usual completely misses the point of Christ's Ministry:
Powers described her gradual progression from left-wing secularism to devout Christianity, which she also recounts in a “coming out” piece for Christianity Today. “It was a real culture shock for me, and still sometimes is, honestly,” she said. “It was a world that was completely new to me. It was a world where most of the people I came in contact with were conservative. If I had a dollar for every time somebody said, ‘I don’t understand: how can you be a Democrat and be a Christian?’ I’d be a millionaire.” 
“I think what they meant by that was an orthodox Christian,” Powers explained. “If I had been somebody who was sort of ‘Well, yes, I believe in God,’ and wasn’t too serious about it. But the fact that I was sort of this orthodox Christian — I felt a little bit like a fish out of water. I didn’t feel very comfortable there. It was many years until I started meeting other people who were like me: very progressive-minded politically but also very conservative theologically.”
I've seen quite a lot of this sort of thing, to be honest. There are many nominally Christian churchgoers- I would actually argue that most American Christians hold similar views, in fact, given what I've seen- who honestly do believe that there is no contradiction whatsoever in being theologically conservative and politically progressive. And actually, at first glance, there is rather a lot of support for this in the New Testament itself; if one wanted to, one could argue that Christ was the first truly prominent theological socialist. (As always, I hasten to point out that I am no theologian and that my understanding of Scripture is tenuous at best, so of course any errors of understanding or attribution are mine and mine alone.)

There is just one (gigantic) problem with this idea that the Son of God promoted socialism: it's flatly untrue. Christ's positions, as noted in four Gospels and countless contemporary historical sources, were very clear. He promised his followers that they would be hunted, persecuted, spat upon, and cast out. He promised them that if they exercised their free will and followed His teachings, they would secure for themselves eternal salvation- but He also promised that the road to that salvation would be enormously difficult. He urged his followers to give away their possessions, to love their neighbours and to be good and decent to all of Mankind- but He also told them to be bold and relentless in confronting evil, to be fearless in the face of the wicked, and to hold fast to the rock of their faith when assailed by sickness and doubt. And He told His followers, with perfect clarity, that He came not to unite them but to divide them- to set each against the other, in a test of faith and purpose, to divine who truly believed in the truth of His teachings.

These were not the words and ideas of a socialist who believes that men can and should be coerced into Doing What Is Right by those who believe themselves to be right. These were the words and deeds of the One who promised all of Mankind salvation from a doomed existence, but only through sacrifice and redemption brought about by exercising the greatest of all human gifts- that of free will.

Churchians, who subscribe to this ridiculous notion that Christ was somehow promising Free S*** For Everyone who say the right incantations and make the right gestures, are in every way worse than godless atheists. I know. I used to be one of them. Atheists may well be good and upstanding and decent in every way- it is possible to be a good man, like for instance our comrade the Captain, without necessarily believing in God or in Christ, and more power to those who cannot believe in God but still act morally and responsibly. I myself am not a Christian, but I try (usually quite badly) to hold fast to values and ethics that are recognisably Christian. The best atheists are those who subscribe to some form of moral code- yet underpinning that moral code is always and everywhere some form of religious or Scriptural proscription against sin, against evil, and against perversion. Those proscriptions didn't happen by accident, or by trial-and-error. They happened because somewhere in our very souls, the Lord of Creation created a definition of what is right and, by extension, what is wrong.

Churchians ignore these definitions completely, perverting the Word to suit their own purposes. They justify theft from others in the name of "mercy". They justify wars of naked aggression where no just cause exists. They offer platitudes about "charity" and "compassion" without understanding that true charity and compassion are driven by free will, not by the edicts of government. Atheists may well be, on the whole, ignorant of history and Scripture and human nature, but only the craziest of them would honestly argue that it is right and proper to force men to do what they believe to be right.

That is the danger of the Churchian- the man or woman who (falsely) believes that God tells him or her to violate the rights and responsibilities of others in the name of "justice".


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