Christmas shopping for your girl

At a loss as to what to get your special lady for the holiest of holy days? Well, worry no more- Gunny and our good friends at Glock are ready to help!

(full credit to Vox for finding this one)

Have a look at the others in the same series also. Anything that Gunny stars in is, as far as I'm concerned, very much worth watching.

There are few things that I find more strongly attractive in women than the clear ability to handle and use firearms. It speaks volumes for a woman's character that she is unafraid of a weapon. (Just don't ask me to train with women. It annoys me.) If you want to get your woman a gift that she'll enjoy and will keep her safe, buy her a gun and show her how to use it.

And to answer Vox's question- the girl in this video is a hard 9. Easily. The gun doesn't actually add any SMV directly- but throw in an LBD and a concealed-carry holster, and it would definitely add a full point.


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