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Charlie Bushmeister had some highly amusing commentary from his recent trip to India:
I have been to 50 countries now, and I can say without reservation that India is the absolute worst place for women I have even been. I can think of no place less suitable for a single dude trip with the objective of meeting chicks than India. Perhaps some places I have not been yet, like Saudi Arabia or some AIDS infested shithole Sub-Saharan African country might be worse, but those places would be expected to be poor choices. India, however, would be a much greater disappointment due to the false stereotype that exists that it is a country with many beautiful women. 
Usually I think that stereotypes exist for a reason, but India is a country where the outside stereotypes do not match reality at a couple of extremely important ways. I discussed earlier how the Indian reputation for high intelligence and tech savvy is completely undeserved. India is a world leader in retardation and this is important to know before you outsource any important business work there. 
There also persists a myth that Indian women are beautiful, thanks perhaps to Bollywood. It is similar to what some people expect of America based on Hollywood movies where all the chicks are slim and beautiful. Unfortunately the Bollywood beautiful woman myth is completely false. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. I was in India for two weeks and I did not see a single, truly hot Indian chick the entire time I was there. Granted, I was in Goa during the offseason for the majority of my time there where there was basically no one there, much less hot chicks. However I did spend a couple days in Mumbai and walked around in the Fort district extensively, went to some fancy restaurants, and there were no chicks hot enough to be worth looking at twice at a place like Beach Bar in Sofia, Bulgaria on a slow Tuesday night. 
India is a complete sausage fest. There is a shocking imbalance of men to women in public in India. Walking around on a Sunday afternoon in Mumbai I saw 15-20 men for every woman. It is completely common to see 50 men in a row walk down the street with nary a whiff of feminine presence. The only other places where I saw such enormous multitudes of men everywhere was on the street in Istanbul’s Beyolu neighborhood, and in Marrakesch, Morocco. In those places it is a Muslim thing, where the local small dicked dudes are so insecure they they keep all the women locked up at home, and covered head to toe when they let them go to market.
Now if I were a typical Asian blue-pill-addicted white knight, I would probably Do the Right Thing and sally forth to meet this outrageous slander upon the field of battle to do mighty feats of arms and slay the foul beast who dareth speak illeth of the damsels fair...eth.

Or whatever.

I'm not sure what it is about India. There are pretty women there; my own family actually has a bit of a history of startlingly good-looking women, on both sides. However, he's completely right to argue that if you're just walking around in India, you're not going to see many pretty women and you'll see even fewer genuinely beautiful ones.

I've been in Singapore a little under two weeks now, and every time I walk outside I'll see at least five hot young Chinese girls, no matter what part of the island I'm in. (Slightly OT: the SPGs tend to congregate around Geyland and Holland Village at night- which is one major reason why I stay the hell out of those areas. Ask The Observer about Singaporean Sarong Party Girls sometime, it'll be a highly entertaining conversation.)

In the entire week that I was in India, I think I saw precisely one pretty woman. And she's practically my older sister, I've known her since I was three.

Then Charlie really gets going:
I imagine an Indian guy would disagree and insist that some skinny fat hack actress is who he has only seen on TV with makeup and CGI is the highest standard of beauty, but as an unbiased observer I tell you, no fucking way dudes. India is a wasteland for women. For single dudes traveling to India the only possible options are to import your own chick to India or go pick up horny party Russians on the beach in Goa during high season. Still though, it’s not really worth it, and I would much prefer Nha Trang Vietnam, which has plenty of party Russians, plus beautiful friendly local Vietnamese girls, and also delicious food and available drugs without the retardation everywhere and creepiness of many of the Indian guys. 
The Indians for all their reputation for the Kama Sutra and Tantric sex and gods with 50 penises, are actually total prudes. They keep the sexes separated there. My guess is that all the women hang out in at home in very unsexy saris together at home and gossip about Bollywood. They don’t really mix with the men, and therefore the men have no ability to relate normally with women not in their family. You can’t even get a massage from someone of the opposite sex in India.
About the only thing I disagree with here is this somewhat blanket assertion that saris are unsexy. It is possible for a pretty woman to look quite stunning in the right sari. (Of course, if you happen to look like Aishwarya Rai, you'll look good in pretty much anything, so that is admittedly not a very good standard.) Saris might seem highly exotic and odd to Western women, but they are an accepted fact of life in India; a woman who wears tasteful saris with the right colours and patterns and who has the figure for it is a rare and pleasurable sight to behold.

One thing that most people don't realise about India is that it really is a land of extremes. The best really are the best; India's top engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and yes, female models, can easily compete with and beat anyone else in the world. The trouble is, they represent maybe 0.1% of the entire population. When it comes to the average girl on the street, the standards are much much lower. It's not like Bulgaria or Poland where most women seem to start at a 6 and get better from there.

Oh, and Charlie, it does actually get a little better in North India. I'd recommend Punjab or Rajasthan. But it's not that much better.


  1. No wonder you are single you ignorant fuck!

    1. I've gone on dates with at least one Ukrainian, a couple of Russians, a Cambodian-American, and a Chinese girl, and right now I'm in a serious relationship with one of those very same Russians.

      Who's ignorant now, dumbass?


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