You need a dose of Bro Science

This is possibly the funniest episode of Bro Science I've seen yet:

This is a particularly good one considering that 7 hours ago, I was in the gym watching this bone-thin Asian chick in the Smith machine pretending that those ridiculous half-squats she was doing were the real thing. Meanwhile, your (not very) humble servant Didact was there in the squat rack literally right next door doing a 3-rep set at 315lbs, using a full range of motion. If there's one thing that irritates me more than dumbass guys at the gym pretending that they know how to lift, it's girls pretending that they have any idea what a lift even is.

Honourable mention- how to get your woman to lift with you:

Here's a helpful hint for you: just skip the first 6.5 minutes of that last video if you just want to watch a really hot woman doing squats properly. Also, ladies, kindly pay attention: the single fastest way to get fit and look good is to powerlift. No arguments.


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