Diplomacy that actually works

It has been written somewhere that diplomacy involves telling someone to go to hell in such a way that he actually looks forward to the trip. If that is true, then I say we make this woman Secretary General of the United Nations:
An adviser in Serbia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in trouble for some photos that have surfaced of her showing off how hot she is. 
Vanja Hadzovic, 27, who aspires to be a diplomat, has not commented on the pictures. Ivan Mrkic, her boss and Serbia’s foreign secretary, has said there will be a government investigation into the photos, the Daily Mail reports
“To appear on social networks is the right of every individual,” Mrkic said. “But our employees of the ministry of foreign affairs need to act according to the code of conduct on these networks.” 
Hadzovic has since shut down her social media profiles, which is a shame since she would easily be the hottest diplomat ever. Don’t let us down, Serbia. Make this woman the face — and boobs — of your nation.
(Just after we nuke the place, that is. The United Nations is one of the biggest wastes of time and space in the world today.)

Support YOUR hot-as-balls minor Serbian diplomatic functionary today! 


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