Curie-Hultgreen Syndrome hits the banksters

Boeing Co. promoted Ted Colbert to chief information officer and vice president of information technology. He will replace Kim Hammonds, who is moving to Deutsche Bank AG later this month.

Mr. Colbert is taking the reins at a time of transition for Boeing's information technology department. In March, Boeing said it would lay off 1,500 IT workers in Washington over the next three years, according to an article by Dominic Gates at The Seattle Times. Some of the workers will relocate from Washington and Southern California to new Boeing IT centers in Missouri and South Carolina, which have a lower cost for IT talent.
As it happens, I have more than just a passing interest in this story, for a variety of reasons. Deutsche Bank has been in the process of a massive outsourcing of people and operations from its high-cost centres in New York, London, and Tokyo, to less expensive places around the world, all in the pursuit of lower costs. As with any other such cost-cutting idea, it sounded brilliant on paper. Apparently it has been... rather less than brilliant in practice, judging by what I've heard from people who work there.

The most telling reactions, though, were from Boeing employees themselves. I wish I had the link that someone forwarded me about this- I'll update this when I find it- but basically when this was announced within Boeing, it is claimed by those posting on the forum that people were cheering in the hallways and offices. Now admittedly, we're talking about an employee forum here, where unbiased opinion is going to be a bit hard to come by. But what struck me about it was that in all of the dozens or even hundreds of comments, NOT ONE was positive.

Meg Whitman, Indra Nooyi, Marissa Mayer, Carly Fiorina, and now Kim Hammonds. Anyone other than me seeing a pattern here?

UPDATE: Well look what I found...


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