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Recently the last season's episodes for How I Met Your Mother hit Netflix. There was a time in my life where I did watch this show, fairly frequently; I thought it was one of the funnier sitcoms out there. But my views on the roles of men and women in society have changed radically over the past three years, and as a consequence, when I was watching the first three episodes of that latest season the other day, I simply had to switch it off in disgust.

When it comes to TV, there is nothing worse for a red-pill-aware man than watching the panem et circenses that passes for "entertainment" and having to pretend that there is some value in that trash.

I was re-reading an old favourite post of mine by Keoni Galt regarding one of the funnier sitcoms out there these days- "The Big Bang Theory"- and what he had to say about the nature of sexual relationships, as portrayed in most mainstream TV shows, is broadly applicable to about 95% of the television that Big Media broadcasts as entertainment these days:
The character of Leonard is passive aggressive, simpering, sackless and has a severe case of oneitis for her. He is only spurred to act bravely or assertively if Penny shames him into it or promises a sexual reward. He has no say in the status or direction of their relationship, it's completely at Penny's whim, and he just has to accept her choice and go with however she "feels" in any part of the show. When they are "together," he begs and pleads for sex. When they are apart, he feigns disinterest and approval for Penny's other boyfriends in her presence, than mopes, seethes and plots to disrupt her new relationship when she's not around. 
In short, for the viewer who understands "the red pill" and how female hypergamy works, the relationship between Leonard and Penny is completely unrealistic and artificial. Leonard has almost zero alpha traits, he is the paradigm of the NICE GUY white knight. In fact, during many of the episodes in which they are "just friends" Penny often "dates" other guys- athletic, dumb jock alpha types...which of course is the only realistic representation of today's sexual marketplace.

No matter how many other guys Penny sleeps with, Leonard is always ready and willing to take her back, and not judge her negatively for her steadily increasing partner count in anyway. When she is dating other men, he still is ready and willing to do anything for her at anytime.

In short, this show, with it's witty dialog, humorous banter, and clever SyFy pop-culture references, is a very well-crafted series of BNWO socially engineered programming.
This applies to virtually every other sitcom being broadcast these days. They're all worthless to watch- the only exception I would make is Tim Allen's Last Man Standing, and that is because the main character is very much a masculine guy who likes hunting and fishing and has very traditional ideas about how a man should comport himself in society, which makes his interactions with the milquetoast father of his grandson very, very funny to watch. It's not even worth watching many of these programs for the promise of mindless entertainment- you get annoyed and then angry before your brain has time to disengage and turn into mush.

This extends also to movies these days. Think about it- when was the last time that you went to the movie theatre and saw a hero rise up and act like a hero? Aside from the Dark Knight Trilogy and Iron Man 2 and maybe Pacific Rim (which I saw only after it came out on DVD), the ONLY movie I can think of in recent times which portrayed good and evil in unabashedly black-and-white terms, and made it perfectly clear that it stood for masculine, patriarchical values, was 300. (That is partly why it remains one of my favourite movies of all time- and there is nothing gay about that movie, unless you actually are gay.)

When was the last time you saw a truly funny comedy that didn't try to turn the leading man into some sort of stumbling buffoon, at the mercy of a beautiful and sassy leading lady? There's R.E.D. and its equally hilarious sequel, R.E.D. 2, and there is the magnificently hysterical Hot Fuzz. And... well, that's it. 

One of the uglier consequences of taking the red pill is that you become increasingly disconnected from the society around you- unable and unwilling to partake in the same meaningless, mindless stupidity that entertains the somnambulant public around you. This is in many ways a very Good Thing- try reading a book like Greg Bear's The Forge of God and then tell me that any recent disaster movie can even compare. Or try reading a book like Eiji Yoshikawa's Musashi (which I'm reading right now), and then tell me that the latest summer blockbuster is even half as interesting. Hell, if all you're interested in is sci-fi and bewbs, try watching Star Trek Into Darkness after reading a book like Dune or Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy, and then tell me that the movie somehow has value.

When it comes to the TV, my recommendation is simple: cancel your cable/satellite subscription, get a monthly subscription to Hulu and/or Netflix if you must, and watch truly creative productions, such as some of the better anime series from Japan, or old-school movies and TV shows like The A-Team (the series, not the film) and Firefly. Your brain will thank you for it.


  1. The Walking Dead (especially season 3) is solid. I would check that out, if you haven't already.

    1. I'll have to check it out. I don't really watch much by way of "mainstream" TV other than Castle (two words: NATHAN FILLION) and Last Man Standing. That's about it; everything else is either too blue-pill or too stupid (well, same thing, really).

      Speaking of which, I came across an amazingly terrible TV show recently. Some genius decided to create a remake of an old 90s show called Beauty and the Beast and, for some inexplicable reason, decided to take the ridiculously forced love triangles from the Twilight Saga and turn them into an entire season's worth of TV. The new Beauty and the Beast is very much in the category of "so horribly bad it's actually kind of good".

  2. I can do anime, some, but nothing else. Just books. And metal. Always metal.




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