Halloween is surely the most pointless, overdone, and historically inaccurate "holiday" of the lot. Fortunately, a band came along waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1986 with an album called Keeper of the Seven Keys that forever changed the nature and tempo of heavy metal. That band, made up of a bunch of German teenagers who eventually became known as the elder statesmen of an entire sub-genre of metal, was of course HELLOWEEN. Every single member of that band, past and present, is a living legend- especially the founder, Kai Hansen. And it just so happens that this very same Kai Hansen wrote an amazing song on that amazing album that singlehandedly justifies the point of Halloween:


  1. Epic.

    Ive never been a holiday person myself. I always thought they were bullshit. Having to make conversation with a bunch of random family members *shivers*

    I was 5 in 1986....

    1. Yeah I love this band. Been listening to them since I was 17, and Keeper Pt. 1 was the first album of theirs that I ever bought. I saw them live a few weeks ago when they were touring this part of the country, they STILL kick ass even though two out of the five band members have been doing this for more than 30 years.

      Holidays with strangers are even worse. My aunt lives up here in the Northeast and I'm going to be expected there for Thanksgiving. I have to be very cunning about how and when I get there- i.e. plan to arrive just before dinner, and plan to leave like 30 minutes afterwards. This minimises the amount of time spent with strange people, but it's still very taxing.

    2. Indeed.

      My wife and I always plan an exit strategy as well.

      I will admit though that my parents can get me wrapped up in a conversation. My stepdad is the definition of an extrovert-loud, obnoxious, very engaging. But he's perceptive and extremely intelligent and so tends to pull me out of my usual aloofness. Very few can do this and it's not uncommon to see he and I at the BBQ pit talking politics and philosophy while the rest of the family is off somewhere else doing the gossip thing or whatever.

      Still tiresome though, even if I enjoy the conversation.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEyGmHjpfjw

    One of my favorite bands. Everything about them is unique and at the same time hauntingly familiar.

    1. You're not joking either. It sounds like DEATH collided at 200mph with GAMMA RAY and yet is somehow completely original. Not bad at all- I'll have to check out more of their work.


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