Form Versus Function

That's the true difference between bodybuilders and powerlifters:

This is taken straight from the StrongLifts Facebook page, which I think is publicly accessible (and that's the only reason why I can get this pic). It illustrates perfectly the difference between body building and true strength training.

I've seen plenty of examples of the Captain Upper Body types in the gym- there was one joker who looked exactly like that in the gym on Tuesday night when I was doing squats, bench presses, and chin ups. All he did, the entire time, was bicep curls and tricep extensions. He looked jacked and massive from the waist up- and had legs like toothpicks from the waist down. If that wasn't an example of a steroid-boosted body, I don't know what is. Meanwhile, there I am in the squat rack doing reps at 245lbs (it was my light squats day) with a bad throat infection and then proceeding to do bench presses and chin-ups with good form all the way- a simple, total-body workout program that most of these guys with their Imaginary Lat Syndrome would never be able to do.

If you're aiming to get in shape, forget about the crap that you see in muscle and fitness magazines. Ditch the supplements. Stop paying your personal trainer. Just listen to what guys like Mehdi and Elliot Hulse and Mark Rippetoe and, way way way down the totem pole, me, will tell you- chain yourself to a squat rack, learn how to lift heavy weights with good form, and don't be a pussy or make excuses. If I can squat heavy when quite sick and still stand afterwards, you can bloody well learn how to do the same when you're healthy and strong.

To put it another way- what would you rather have girls ask you: questions about how tiny your penis looks in that ridiculous man-kini on stage, or whether you really can wrestle bears on a mountain?


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