The Endpoint of Game

Danger & Play answered a reader's question recently about why he doesn't really post on game anymore; his respectful disagreement was a masterpiece:
Think of game like an investment strategy. Ideally we would all have substantial assets that would allow us to live off of interest (passive income). While living off the interest, we would be free to engage in other entrepreneurial activities (active income). 
Your “whole man” is like an investment property. Get your style in order, lift weights, juice, read books to expand your mind, do alpha male stuff like learn how to fight and shoot guns. This will pay off even when you are not doing anything.
There's more:
Having a nice bankroll also improves your game because it allows you to chill out. I’ve been in situations where I had to know how many drinks were just ordered and hoped my debit card have enough cash on it. Worry about money messes with your mood and hurts your game. 
When you have some cash stashed away, you don’t fidget or get worried. You know that if there’s a logistical snafu, you can just get a hotel. You got it covered. You’re in control. You give off a stronger, more dominant, masculine vibe. 
Building up your style also improves your game. If you look great, you will draw attention to yourself without having to make yourself known like a nerdy kid in school who keeps raising his hand whenever the teacher asks a question.

As far as I'm concerned, guys who take the red pill just to get laid are actually doing themselves a huge disservice. I suspect that many of the guys who claim that "game doesn't work" are the types that sought out only one particular aspect of game- specifically, the PUA aspects of the literature and the scene- and quickly found themselves failing for reasons that they couldn't really understand.

I am very much of the same school of thought as D&P. Game is about so much more than just getting to be good at seducing women. Game is about complete self-improvement. It is about rediscovering the lost alpha male values that our society has scorned and traduced- the ones that make men strong, dominant, and admirable. Game is ultimately a set of mental and physical tools designed to make a man worthy of the name.

I didn't discover the game "by accident". I got here by realising that there were several areas of my life where I was seriously deficient, and I needed to correct those areas. I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams in some areas; I haven't even gotten started in others. But I have never forgotten the reason I took the red pill in the first place- because I knew that I wasn't living up to my full potential. And I know that if I stay on this course, someday I will reach that potential.

D&P's points about health, wealth, and wisdom are especially important. I would actually recommend that any man who starts down this road of self-improvement begins with the three most fundamental aspects of his being- body, mind, and soul, in that order. That means that you start eating right (i.e. Paleo). It means that you start working out properly (go chain yourself to a squat rack and call me in a year). It means that you cut off your cable subscriptions and turn off the damn TV, and start reading great books by great men- try reading Victor Davis Hanson's A War Like No Other, or Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor, or Plutarch's Lives, and then tell me that the latest episode of The Housewives of Survivor Big Brother Kardashians Apprentice, or whatever trash it is that's showing these days, can compare. It means that you learn to live within your means, build up your income, figure out how to invest for the long term. It means that you stop spending time with people who add no value to your life, especially those who drain your mental energy and well-being, and start spending your time either by yourself or with those few who you trust and respect most deeply.

Do these things, and women will eventually follow. You will have to put effort into approaching them, whether in person or online. Women, even more than men, have extremely finely tuned BS meters, which means that if you approach them without confidence or belief, you will fail. Repeatedly. Painfully. And often. But, if you follow D&P's basic ideas, you will eventually succeed.

I'll put it another way using a lesson that I learned in Krav Maga. The Master Instructor there says this virtually every time we practise basic strikes- the best martial artists in the world never start by going into fancy techniques, they start by doing punches, kicks, and blocks. That's it. These are the simplest techniques in the repertoire- and yet they are the hardest to master. No martial artist worthy of the name will ever claim to have complete mastery over these techniques, which is why even the best of them constantly practice the same routines, over and over and over again. Thus it is with the game- which means that you can never give up on the basics of eating right, working out right, spending your money wisely, enriching your mind, and being judicious about the company you keep.

I leave the last word to D&P:
Game isn’t running dorky routines. Game isn’t being an entertainer who gets a lot of numbers and make outs but never closes. 
Game is taking yourself to your highest potential as a man.


  1. "Game is taking yourself to your highest potential as a man."

    The ancient Greeks said that "eudamonia" (well-being, flourishing) was obtained by "arete" (excellence).

    I've said for a long time "Game" is nothing new. BTW, "Game" is a dumb word and it will disappear, along with "Alpha."

    1. I've said for a long time "Game" is nothing new."

      You're right. It isn't. It's just that, in the West at least, society has forced itself to forget what true well-being really is, and has insisted on destroying the very values that create a strong and healthy polis.


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