Israel Will Do Just Fine On Its Own

Molotov Mitchell from World Net Daily recently acquired one of the most difficult qualifications in the world- a black belt in Krav Maga:

Congratulations to him. Those who practice Krav Maga know only too well just how hard it is to get to that level- hell, yellow belt level is difficult enough, it takes months of practice just to get the fundamentals of the art down.

Krav Maga is unusual among martial arts in that you don't have to be a black belt in order to teach or open a studio. You just have to pass an instructor's course at a green belt level and then, preferably, achieve blue belt or higher before teaching. Of course, this sounds very easy- in reality it's likely the hardest thing you'll ever do. As Mitchell points out, there are very, very few bona fide black belts out there in the art- mostly because achieving black belt proficiency in the art is extremely difficult. There are, however, a fair few blue and brown belts teaching the art throughout the country- the KMF, for instance, has at least four brown belts that I know of that teach regularly under its auspices.

The other point that he makes in the video is worth paying attention to. Today is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, and the 40th anniversary of the one and only war where Israel truly got its ass kicked. Even though Israel emerged victorious from that war, its aura of military invincibility was shattered forever. Subsequent conflicts have restored that reputation to a considerable degree- of all of the world's military forces, I personally rate the Israelis, pound for pound, as the very best- but there is no question that Israel faced its day of reckoning during that war.

Yet even that was not enough to destroy them. And if the Jews have proven anything over their more than 5,000-year-long history as a race, it is that they are resilient beyond mortal understanding.

On this day it is worth remembering those who died in one of the most vicious conflicts ever fought by any sovereign nation. And it is also worth remembering a lesson that Molotov Mitchell outlines very nicely in his video: Israel doesn't need anyone's help in defending itself.

Think about it. Krav Maga is taught to every single service-eligible Israeli, male and female. This is a fighting system where the "martial" part is everything- there is very little artistry to a roundhouse punch designed to break your nose, or a release from a headlock designed to gouge out your eye and then take you to the floor. It is taught to a people who have known persecution since their earliest days as a united race. The Philistines couldn't destroy them. The Egyptians couldn't crush them. The Romans couldn't annihilate them. The Muslims couldn't eradicate them. The Christians couldn't subjugate them. The Arabs couldn't drive them into the sea. Thus it has always been, thus it very likely always will be.

So why, then, do Americans continue to think that intervening in the Middle East on Israel's behalf is a good idea? Far more bloodthirsty races than yours, or the Syrians, have tried and failed to eradicate the Tribes of David before. All have failed. I say, leave them the hell ALONE and let them figure out how to fight their own wars. History tends to show that they've been pretty good at doing precisely that.


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