Crazy Cat Lady Plays the Blame Game

I was going to post about this Daily Mail article pretty much as soon as I read it, but naturally Vox, since he is both much smarter than me and blessed with far greater amounts of blogging time than I am, beat me to the punch. Sneaky bastard...

Anyway, I'm not going to pretend that I can dissect this particular bit of moonbattery better than Vox can, but I'll paste in a few quotes and then provide my own thoughts:
An older male friend - supposedly tired of me dominating dinner-party conversation - even wagged his podgy finger and told me I would never get married because I was too confident and demanding.

Then there was my dalliance with the criminal lawyer who, whenever we went to a party, criticised my hair, weight and choice of outfit before we set off. He was so terrified I might outshine him socially, he made sure I felt as bad as possible before I'd even got out of the door.

I might have a successful career as an author and broadcaster, but I have never been engaged, let alone married, and my longest relationship lasted just seven years.I'm convinced that the reason I'm still booking a table for one instead of settling down with a significant other is not because I'm a year off turning 50, but because men are so threatened by my intelligence.
What is it about supposedly intelligent women who think that raw intelligence appeals to men??? Is it really so difficult for such women to understand what men want? Well, judging by this particularly unpleasant specimen, and other such characters of my own personal acquaintance, I'd say that apparently it is.

Ladies, pay attention, because this is REALLY SIMPLE. I'll spell out what men want in words of one syllable (well... two at most). Men want a woman who is:
  • Sweet
  • Kind
  • Pleasant
  • Chaste (I realise that this is a relative term in modern Western society)
It really is that simple. Dress well, have long hair, maintain your figure, try not to smell funny, don't act like a tramp, and generally act like someone we would actually want to spend time with. Is this really that difficult to figure out?

This bit in particular was extremely funny, for all of the wrong reasons:
As far as I'm concerned, a dinner party isn't complete without a bit of an intellectual tussle during dessert - whether it be on the finer points of Ed Miliband taking on the trade unions, or President Obama playing a high-stakes game with President Putin over Syria.

But little did I know that by honing my neurons and showing my intellectual rigour, I was scuppering my chances of romantic success.
Now this is just idiotic. As a highly intelligent, highly skilled man who happens to work around other very smart people every day, let me put this as bluntly as I can: I deal with smart people, and in particular smart men, every single day at work, and while that is very stimulating and interesting, it is also a massive drain upon my own mental strength. What on Earth makes you think that I, or any other man for that matter, would want to come home and verbally spar with you after a long day at work? When I come home, I want to be around someone who is pleasant and soothing, not a man-jawed feminist who thinks her half-informed opinions are actually worthwhile.

I am fully aware that feminists will find this attitude chauvinistic and outrageous. I can't say I care for their feelings on the subject at all. For a counterexample of how to be an intelligent woman and good at being a woman, one need only look at my own mother. She has a Master's degree in International Relations. She is every bit as well-read as any of us, including me- she's the only one in my family who knows more about history than I do, in fact. She has taught the subject for decades and knows more about European and South East Asian history than I ever will- she taught me much of what I know about Japanese history simply because I was interested in the subject, beyond my school curriculum. She has also proven to be an excellent wife and mother, simply by virtue of the fact that she recognises that there is a time for intellectual debate, and a time for providing a relaxing and comforting home environment for the whole family.

This particular wingnut, on the other hand, seems to have no capacity for recognising any of this.

I found one of Vox's comments on this same article to be quite good:
The appeal of female intelligence is even more limited, mostly because it so often comes in the company of extremely annoying and unfeminine personality traits. This correspondence is exacerbated by the fact that the average smart boy has been punched in the face a few times for annoying his less intelligent peers, while the average smart girl has had her annoying behavior rewarded by adults without any similarly negative consequences.
Truth. As a child I was bullied a lot because I was extremely precocious. As a result I've learned to keep my trap shut in public, and I rarely let my guard down around other people until they have proven worthy of my trust. Highly intelligent, highly introverted men learn, usually very much the hard way (i.e. by being punched or wedgied) that their intelligence is neither useful nor desirable except in certain specific circumstances. Highly intelligent women are rarely slapped down for their lack of social adroitness and so get away with being extremely irritating until someone like Vox comes along to put them in their place.

If you are a man who has to deal with a bat-s*** crazy woman like this in your life, throw her ass to the kerb. You are wasting your time and your life dealing with that kind of moon-brained idiocy. And if you are a woman, especially an intelligent one who thinks that men are "intimidated" by you, understand this- we're not intimidated by you, we just can't stand you. Learn the difference, and save yourself (and by extension, us) a lot of time and trouble.


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