Come And Claim Them!!!

Hot on the heels of recent news that two freedom-hating politicians in Colorado were recalled by a thoroughly pissed-off electorate, we now have news that Chicago- one of the most unfriendly places in the country when it comes to free exercise of the 2nd Amendment- has repealed its gun registration law:
Gun owners in Chicago no longer have to register firearms with local authorities, the New York Times reports
Chicago’s City Council reluctantly voted Wednesday to end the decades old registration policy in the wake of the new law allowing Illinois residents the right to carry concealed weapons in public. The modification follows the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th District December ruling that stated Illinois’s ban on public concealed carry was unconstitutional. So far, the Democratic-majority Legislature has struggled to balance the perceived needs of the people with the court ruling.
It's progress, I suppose. Unfortunately the sneaky bastards in charge of the city also decided that in addition to not being big fans of the 2nd Amendment, they aren't big fans of the 1st Amendment either:
Forced to weaken one of the nation's toughest gun-control laws, the Chicago City Council clearly signaled it wasn't backing down on Wednesday by banning concealed weapons in all bars and restaurants that sell liquor — and noting that attorneys were ready to fight the anticipated legal challenges. 
State legislators were forced by a federal appeals court in July to adopt a law allowing residents to carry concealed weapons in Illinois, the only state that still banned the practice. The resulting state law largely stripped city and county officials of their authority to regulate guns, which especially irked officials in Chicago, where residents had to apply for concealed-carry permits through the police chief. 
Aldermen reluctantly watered down that ordinance on Wednesday, but then approved the gun ban for bars and restaurants. They took turns defending the new ban and issued a lightly veiled challenge to gun-rights advocates, including the National Rifle Association.
First, just how big an idiot do you have to be to have a few drinks and then think that it's a good idea to use a gun in public? Apparently politicians think that we're all that stupid, which is a rather charming point of view, it must be said. Second, as far as I'm concerned, if you own a bar or restaurant and you don't want guns in your establishment, that is absolutely fine with me. It's your property, and therefore your rules are to be respected and obeyed by your clientele. For my part, I am under absolutely no obligation to patronise your establishment, so I'll take my business elsewhere.

See how that works? It's called "freedom of association". And evidently it's something that Chicago politicians think we can all do without. Again, charming...

Despite my oft-repeated and deep scepticism about whether Americans really understand or value their freedoms, it is good to see that some, at least, understand that certain freedoms are non-negotiable. To those who seek to remove arms from their fellow Americans by (ironically) force of arms, I simply have this to say- MOLON LABE, you bastards.


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