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I realise that I'm borrowing rather liberally from the socio-sexual hierarchy that Vox (rightly) claims as his invention, but it applies well to this Daily Mail article, which is an excerpt from an upcoming biography of an artist named Lucian Freud:
So how did Lucian Freud manage to lure so many girls — most of them upper-crust and some many decades younger? Part of his allure, as his picture framer, Louise Liddell, put it simply, was that ‘he was dishy — always was.’ 
Even in his 80s, Lucian could walk into a room and turn heads. In his studio, he’d sit in a chair with his legs slung over its arms, almost louche in his pose and flexible as a teenager. And he had a magical ability to charm. 
Intellect and emotion collided in his life, as he used people to whom he was attracted to produce pictures which captured an intensely observed truth. 
He believed the human body was the most profound subject and he pursued a ruthless process of observation, using the forensic exactitude of a scientist dissecting an animal in a laboratory. His paintings were always more analytical than psychoanalytical; he never intended them to have a narrative. They merely showed what he saw and if the oddity of a zebra, rat or protruding leg gave rise to psychological interpretation, he would insist that he had merely painted what was before him.

The Greek sculptor Vassilakis Takis, who knew him well, estimated that Lucian had at least 500 lovers but never committed himself to any single woman for long.
Now I'm something of a barbarian when it comes to the (visual) arts, at least when it comes to anything done after, say, 1800, so honestly I have no idea who Lucian Freud is. All I can say is that, based on the article at least, this chap was an off-the-charts Sigma:

  • Extreme need for privacy
  • Severe introversion and pathological aloofness, even outright arrogance
  • Extremely charming when he wanted to be
  • Disregard, even outright contempt, for the rues and regulations of "polite" society
  • An obsessive, calculating genius
  • Absolute socio-sexual dominance- when required
  • Very little tolerance for other people's nonsense
Pretty much all of the Sigma attributes are right there. It is worth noting, of course, that Sigmas are complex creatures- as likely to turn into ruthless, Machiavellian, shadowy leaders of governments and arms manufacturers as they are to turn into devoted, loving family men (like Vox) who just happen to enjoy skewering the pretensions and stupidities of others (again, like Vox).

It is instructive to note the details presented in the photos in the article. Note the pictures of Freud- stern, unsmiling, intense. And then note the photograph of one of his many women with her eventual husband- a chap who looks chubby, gormless, and deeply uninspiring. The contrast in masculinity is striking.

Since this is a blog written and maintained by a deep introvert, writing largely for deep introverts when it comes to the subject of game, I'll note a few lessons to draw from Lucian Freud's life. I've written before about how the Sigma archetype is the one best suited towards the strengths- and weaknesses- possessed by almost all male deep introverts. Here's why.

First, note that his dedication to his art was absolute:

She was astonished by the sheer intensity of his focus while painting her: ‘I saw him stab himself with a paintbrush, wounding his thigh so that it bled,’ she said. ‘It was, he explained to me, like being the jockey and the racehorse, urging on with a manic compulsion.’
I've written it before, and I'll write it again: your mission comes first. Wine, women, and song are great, no question about that- I wouldn't be a very good metalhead if I thought otherwise- but in the absence of some overarching, driving Purpose, they are nothing more than hedonistic pursuits designed to fill a gaping void.

Second, note what I wrote above about the intensity and unsmiling charisma of Freud's photographs. Again, this is not accidental. Most Sigmas strongly dislike being photographed, it's part of their instinctive and deep-seated desire for privacy. In my case, I almost never smile for photographs- assuming you can pin me down for one, that is. Nor did my namesake- my parents named me after a famous filmmaker (I'm not going to divulge which one) who was known for almost never smiling in pictures taken of him, had a towering intellect and a formidable appearance in public, and was quite sparing with his words around people he didn't know well, and yet was extremely charming and easy-going in private. The lesson for a deeply introverted male here is simple: your tendency to be sparing with words and emotions is not a hindrance, it is an asset. Use it as such.

Third, note the outcome independence that characterised Lucian Freud's life. It's almost as though, after a few missteps, he simply didn't give a toss what most people- especially most of his lovers- thought about him. That sort of detachment from the superficiality of the outside world is exactly what deep introverts should aim to emulate. Let the noisy outside world do whatever it wants, as long as it leaves us the hell alone to do what we want. The moment that your own inner world is intruded upon, the only acceptable response is to ruthlessly excise that which has caused the disturbance.

I should also point out something very important: Sigmas, like Alphas, are good at being men but are not necessarily good men. The simplest example in the Daily Mail article comes from Freud's treatment of his younger brother- callous, cold-hearted, and often openly contemptuous. The difference is simple but profound. As noted above, Sigmas can become very cold, ruthless, and calculating if they do not correct their most dangerous misanthropic tendencies. If they do, they become rather like Vox- unswervingly loyal as friends and allies, utterly terrifying as enemies, great husbands and great fathers. It's really up to you which course you choose; all I can say based on my own experiences growing up with a deeply introverted yet very strong father is that the latter tends to be better for society as a whole.

Lucian Freud stands as a lesson in game to every deep introvert out there. This guy got more tail than all but the most prolific of rock stars, right up to the very end of his life, and yet seemed to want little more than to keep the rest of the world at bay. This, then, is surely a demonstration of the archetypical Sigma type.


  1. Well this is an apt description of myself.

    In fact this entire blog is as well

    INTJ, metalhead, primal, sigma, libertarian(anarchist), red pill....

    Like reading my own thoughts here-pretty cool

    Keep it up so I'll have at least one place to go when I need some sanity.

    1. The feedback is appreciated sir. I'm honoured to have you here as a guest and a reader.


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