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Stephanie from Time of Calamity read through my recent post on having to deal with a mildly annoying co-worker and had some worthy things to say:
I have found that as I have cross the threshold into my late twenties that most women don't evolve. They never have to take their own red pill until it is much too late. I have read many concepts of game and the techniques men have to employ now to attract the attention of a woman. However, women are quite lacking in this area. It takes them way to long to realized that looks will get them far, but not far enough. So they never learn their own game or improve on themselves.

It doesn't take much to attract a man. Most men will even put up with an incredible amount of lady bullshit until their late twenties. Around that time, the power balance tips dramatically into mens favor. Why? Because most women never learn a damn thing about keeping a man. I saw this yesterday while I was at a sports bar with a friend. There was a very young couple right next to us. The guy was bland at best, the girl was a polished up cheer type. My male friend told me that girl was going to become bitter over the years. She had spent the evening being loud, giggling, and just being a pain. She thought she was flirting and being playful. Not at all. My male friend was right, she will become bitter. She will have plenty of young men put up with her crap to sleep with her or to get a trophy girl for awhile. Later in life after many failed relationships she will blame others. I have seen this with women too many times.
[Emphasis mine]

Stephanie is quite correct. It really doesn't take much to attract a man. Whether by accident or design, young women these days (let's say below the age of 28) seem to think that the Right Way to do things goes pretty much something like this:

  • Go to college to study something empowering and interesting, say, Linguistic Anthropology, or Modern Art, or Sociology, or Art History, or Psychology, or... well, you get the idea
  • Preferably do so while being supported by Daddy or by the State (i.e. the rest of us)
  • Participate in the college hookup culture as much as possible- she's an empowered woman, dammit!
  • Leave college with a degree in something or other, join the workforce, and be paid as much as a man for doing less work with lower qualifications
  • Ride the carousel by enjoying hookups and multiple sexual partners for as long as possible
  • Realise somewhere between 28 and 33 that maybe life isn't quite as fulfilling as she thought, look to settle down with a provider male and enjoy the usual 2.3 kids with the white picket-fenced house
  • Realise after a few years of marriage that she isn't haaaaaaappy and file for divorce; rejoin the carousel with almost as much gusto as when she was participating actively 10 years ago
I realise that I am making massive generalisations here, but, as usual, remember- AWALT, but SWABTO. And I want to make it clear that I have no problem whatsoever with parents paying for their children's educations- mine did, for me and my sister. The difference between me and most modern young women is that I studied mathematics because I was interested in it AND because I had good reason to expect that there would be significant future income benefits from doing so.

As Stephanie makes clear, this path leads to bitterness and regret, on the part of far too many women my age or younger. I've seen it time and again in the last few years, and I suspect I'm going to be seeing more of it in the future.

Ladies, instead of following the tried-and-true path to unhappiness outlined above, and instead of becoming that stupidity-inducing-yet-irritating woman at my workplace who inspired that particular post, try this instead:
  • Decide early on whether you want kids and a family- preferably BEFORE you hit 20
  • If you decide to support civilisation instead of tearing it down, find a good man by working with your hypergamous instincts instead of letting them simply run wild
  • That means: dressing in an attractive and feminine style, staying in decent shape, being modest in public behaviour and appearance, and generally acting like someone that guys like me would actually think about presenting to our mothers
  • Learn how to cook, too; I am not joking when I say that I can easily out-cook the vast majority of young women in my social milieu, and trust me on this- nothing attracts a good-looking guy into a long-term relationship faster than a woman who wears short skirts well and can also cook a mean ribeye steak
  • Stop putting so much value into your job, it doesn't impress us- most of the guys you will be attracted to will be smarter, harder-working, and/or vastly more competent in their chosen field of work than you will ever be
  • Learn a lesson from that woman referenced in my post and realise that certain behaviours are extremely off-putting to us; among these are bitchiness, being a know-it-all (or trying to be one), and pettiness
A woman's single biggest asset in today's hyper-feminised, increasingly idiotic society is her femininity. Your femininity is heavily invested in your looks- there's no getting around this fact. And your looks will decline and wither with time. The same is NOT true of men; as long as we don't do anything spectacularly stupid or become bloated jokes of men, our value increases over time as we mature and realise our full potential. Your femininity is valuable; for the love of God, don't waste it by becoming the kind of woman that Stephanie and I see around us all the time these days.


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