Arm Teachers, Save Students

I am really quite mystified as to why this is even the slightest bit controversial...
A group of Arkansas teachers will carry firearms when the school term resumes this September, in an attempt to deter gunmen who target schools. 
The decision to train and arm staff at Arkansas Christian Academy was made public when a new safety sign was posted in front of the school. 
It reads: 'Staff is armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force.' 
According to ArkansasMatters staff from the private school in Bryant have been trained in firearm safety and will carry guns during the school day. 
The school's controversial policy comes just weeks after Attorney General Dustin McDaniel rejected plans to arm staff in Arkansas' public schools.
I understand that the sight of armed teachers in a place of education is both deeply unsettling and intimidating. I'd call that a Very Good Thing. Am I really the only one who has noticed that every school shooting, ever, has taken place in, well, schools? Where firearms are not allowed? Is it really so difficult to understand that arming potential targets makes them less likely to be targets?

The landmark 1999 Lott-Landes study has yet to be refuted. Its analysis, ideas, and conclusions have shown quite clearly that soft targets are precisely the kinds of targets most likely to be hit by armed lunatics like that bastard Lanza. Disarming potential victims by refusing to let them arm and defend themselves is folly. I'm glad to see that teachers at this one particular school, at least, have refused to cower before potential attackers and will do whatever is necessary to protect the lives of the children that parents have entrusted to them.


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