Apparently This is REALLY RACISS...

Courtesy of Vox Day, here's a downright hilarious video called "Asian Girlz" by some otherwise completely forgettable teenybopper group called DAY ABOVE GROUND (apparently). (BTW this is somewhat NSFW so for heaven's sake, exercise some discretion and good sense.)

Let's make this very clear. I'm Asian. I've lived in or visited many of the countries referenced in the (frankly idiotic) lyrics of this video. I love hot Asian chicks with big breasts, they have an exotic quality that other women from other parts of the world simply cannot match. And I very nearly fell off my chair watching this video, I was laughing so hard.

If an Asian bloke like me finds this merely very very funny in an extremely crass way, then why exactly are so many SWPL types losing their minds over it?

I leave it to the esteemed Vox to have the last word. Over to you, Mr. Day:
Speaking as an East Asian Studies major, an Official Person of Color with an Asian grandfather, and a Japanese scientist, all I have to say is that the song is hilarious. Especially the little pseudo-Chinese keyboard riff. As for the stereotypes, they exist for a reason.

It is observable that whites in general, and young white males in particular, are increasingly over the idea that racism is the worse of all possible evils. And now that diversity is a central tenet of the establishment, it should come as no surprise that the young and rebellious fail to regard it as the holy of holies.


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