Republican, Democrat, Same F***ing Thing

President #43's take on the stupidity that's come back to bite President #44 in the ass:
Snowden leaked details about U.S. communications surveillance programs to The Guardian newspaper and is currently holed up in the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow awaiting news of his request for asylum in Ecuador. 
The comments from Bush, who put the controversial programs in place, marked a rare moment of accordance with the man who succeeded him. 
“I put the program in place to protect the country and one of the certainties is civil liberties were guaranteed,” he said. “I think there needs to be balance and as the President explained, there is a proper balance.”
It is no secret that I have next to zero respect for President Jackass. I actually do have some for his predecessor, but not much. There are two things about President Dubya's reaction to the Snowden revelations that I find very telling.

First, he seems to think that there is somehow some sort of "balance" between civil liberties and security. There just isn't. Either your people are free to do what they please within the bounds of civilised behaviour and the Non-Aggression Principle, under laws that they themselves have chosen, or your people are enslaved by their governments and told what to do, what to think, and how to act. I'd dearly like to see what happens to this country when- not if, but when- the government decides to render the Second Amendment completely ineffective. After all, the other nine parts of the Bill of Rights plainly don't mean anything to them anymore.

Second, this is the man who authorised these wire-tapping programs. The desecration of America's most cherished freedoms happened under his aegis. Yet it is his successor who gets to take the heat. I can't say I regret this very much, given my well-known and well-established deep dislike of him, but if the MSM had any intelligence whatsoever, it would realise that blaming just the current occupant of the Oval Office is not sufficient.

All you have to do to understand America's dark and dismal future is to read Dubya's comments above. Once you do, you will quickly realise that there is no point in pretending that America can salvage this situation. The Republican and Democrat wings of the One Party will simply carry on pretending that the people matter, and the people will simply carry on pretending that they have a real choice.


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