Presumed Guilty?

I've not been following the Zimmerman/Martin case closely. Actually I've hardly been following it at all. However, I will say this about it: the "Not Guilty" verdict does not surprise me. And if there were any sense left in this country, people would be willing to leave it at that and move on.

The prosecution's case began to fall apart from the moment that they put what appeared to be a completely illiterate and frankly not very intelligent "star witness" on the stand to testify. As far as I can tell- from limited knowledge, and that mostly from the usual nullwitted "progressive" media sources which broadcast closed-caption news bulletins in the gym while I'm working out- the prosecution, despite having the full weight of "correct-thinking" liberal opinion on its side, as well as the entire black community's dogmatic refusal even to contemplate the idea that one of their own might have committed a serious crime against a non-black defendant, completely failed to make their case.

There was a time when a man defending himself with lethal force against an intruder with hostile intentions would not be questioned for doing what is right. As with so many things in this country, though, the moment you introduce race into the mix, things get weird very quickly. The moment someone lobs an allegation of racism your way, you have lost the war- if you fight by the conventional rules that society has forced upon itself, that is.

As far as I can tell, this case should never have gone to trial. The prosecution basically had no case. They had no way to turn justifiable killing in self-defence into premeditated murder. Their witnesses weren't just unreliable, they were appalling examples of Authentic Black Run America (to borrow a phrase from Stuff Black People Don't Like). The defence didn't just show that the prosecution didn't have a case- they basically showed that George Zimmerman was not guilty.

That, of course, will simply not be enough for the race hustlers who run so much of this country- starting with President Jackass himself. It really doesn't help that George Zimmerman is more Hispanic than he is white and Jewish; it doesn't matter to those who would like to pretend that somehow black people are owed something by the rest of us into perpetuity because of the unquestionable and undeniable horrors that the abomination of slavery inflicted upon their ancestors. What matters is that Someone White Killed a Black Guy. In such situations, it seems as though the defendant is simply presumed guilty, and no matter what the circumstances, no matter how strong and compelling the evidence in his favour, no matter how obvious the holes in the prosecution's case, he will be judged guilty regardless.

As whites become an ever-smaller minority in this country, and as more of this country descends into barbarism and savagery, I wonder whether future generations will look back and dimly remember when things were not always so. Will they ever understand what it means to have anything like an impartial legal system? I seriously doubt it. The Zimmerman/Martin case sets a deeply disturbing precedent- one in a long chain of precedents, actually- that toss out due process and trial by jury in favour of trial by mob.

We have seen how that turned out. I am not alone in predicting that it will happen again. Pay heed to the warning, and understand this: if the facts conflict with what the government wants you to think, then you will find yourself fighting the full power, the full evil, of the State and every last ounce of malice that it can bring to bear against you.


  1. I would say that the future of America would mirror Rhodesia and South Africa. Europe is lost to Sharia; but the United States will have to deal with a class of people who will get violent when the welfare runs dry. The law would state that it is illegal to rob or murder a white, but the police won't even bother to follow up the reports - from fear or corruption.

    1. I suspect it may well be much worse. Vox Day is probably foremost among those who predict that America will break into at least three, and probably four, distinct political entities; he's been arguing for a while now that this will happen as soon as the 2030s. I think he's right. Given the abysmal track record of the mestizo and native Central American populations in producing and maintaining stable governments in Latin America, I imagine that Aztlan, however it comes into being, will be a mostly Marxist state. This will likely mean that most of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California will rapidly see economic destitution and political anarchy, of precisely the kind that you describe. It'll be Rhodesia/South Africa all over again, but even worse.

      The relatively more free Midwestern states might stave off the insanity for a little while. I doubt that they will resist for long, though. What amazes me, time and again, is how quickly and easily the white population of this country folds before the atavistic and barbarous impulses of the minority races that have done so much to destroy all of the great good that Western society has wrought.


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