The Panopticon Cometh...

The NSA has been working with at least seven European other countries to collect personal communications data, according to Wayne Madsen, a former NSA contractor who has come forward because he does not think the public should not be “kept in the dark.” According to Madsen, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Italy all have formed secret agreements with the US to submit sensitive data.
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And this all came from The Guardian- normally a place festooned with tofu-munching, sandal-wearing, pretentious hippies who think hummus is food and play whale songs at parties. At least for once they did everyone a public service by showing everyone just how pervasive the corruption is in the highest offices of this country- and just what a lying swine the current President has turned out to be. (Note that the original article at The Guardian has been taken down, which I find rather interesting.)

The good old Telly has this to say:
Germany's Der Spiegel magazine said National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden showed its reporters "parts" of a secret document from 2010 that outlined how the US had placed devices in the two EU embassies and gained access to their internal computer networks.

The document referred to the EU as a "target". According to Der Spiegel, the NSA also targeted telecommunications at the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels, home to the European Council, the collective of EU national governments.

The allegations could be highly damaging to US-EU relations. EU officials have already demanded an explanation from the US on the alleged bugging.

"On behalf of the European Parliament, I demand full clarification and require further information speedily from the US authorities with regard to these allegations," Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament said in a statement.

The accusations, if proven true, would have a "severe impact" on transatlantic relations, Mr Schulz warned, saying he was "deeply worried and shocked" by the report.
Now normally I'd be quite snarky about this and point out that the Europeans are probably just angry that they didn't think of this first. But it seems that this time, a real line has been crossed. What the American government has done has seriously eroded trust in that government- maybe not on the part of the voting public, to which I don't give very much credit for intelligence anyway, but definitely on the part of those who deal with the government under the belief that we are doing so in good faith.

That said, I don't expect much to come from all of this outrage. I imagine that the American people, having so willingly traded freedom for security, will happily look the other way while their freedoms continue to be stripped from them at gunpoint. In this they are merely following the example of their European and Asian counterparts. That doesn't make the destruction of their freedoms any less tragic. If Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and even John Adams could see what has happened to the republic that they created, I can only imagine the righteous anger that they would bring to bear upon their descendants...


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