Security or Freedom?

Obarmy's reaction to the outrage of the people at his efforts to establish an American Panopticon are exactly what I expected from a high Delta with a massive inferiority complex:
President Obama said Friday that the programs have made a difference in tracking terrorists and are not tantamount to "Big Brother."

The president acknowledged the U.S. government is collecting reams of phone records, including phone numbers and the duration of calls, but said this does not include listening to calls or gathering the names of callers.

"You can't have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience,” he said. “We're going to have to make some choices as a society."
He would say something that silly, of course. He's not half as intelligent as his biggest supporters would like to believe he is- no, literally, he isn't. Even given my well-documented, utter and total disdain for the man, though, I will readily concede that he has a point.

Americans do have a choice to make. He's presented it in the most absurd possible binary terms- as if 100% security is somehow possible, which it is not. There is simply no way that you will ever be secure as a society against ANY and ALL forms of attack. You can, however, take steps to be relatively secure.

Your choices are simple. Either you:

  • continue letting illegal immigrants into this country and assume that they will all somehow play nice with your laws;
  • continue to engage in costly and unnecessary wars of imperial maintenance around the world;
  • insist on poking your noses in where they don't belong insofar as wars and revolutions are concerned;
  • continue to blindly and stupidly believe that Islam is a "religion of peace" and that Muslims generally do NOT wish you ill as a nation;
  • persist in the belief that a vibrant, multicultural society is always and everywhere a Good Thing in the teeth of considerable empirical evidence against that nonsensical notion;
or you wake the hell up and realise that ultimately, the citizen is the last and final line of defence that his nation possesses. That's right- you are responsible for defending your land, your people, and your way of life.

Your Bill of Rights lays out the rights and freedoms that Americans take for granted- because, well, they are granted, by the Lord Almighty and not by any state or government authority- in a very specific and yet seemingly random order. Your right to free speech and free association is followed immediately thereafter by the right to defend yourself, by force if necessary. You are given protections against unlawful searches and seizures by requiring government authorities to present specific warrants with probable cause justifying those seizures. You are guaranteed the right to due process, the right to avoid self-incrimination, and the right to be silent if questioned. Your right to a trial by jury is mentioned twice. The enumeration of these rights is not supposed to be the end of the story, either- just because it's not in the Constitution, that doesn't mean that rights stronger than the ones mentioned above by the several States are not protected by it.

This order seems random and chaotic. In fact it's a work of certifiable genius. The First Amendment was the most important out of the lot- the one that every government will always seek to take away first because it poses the biggest threat to government power. The Second Amendment is there to provide the teeth necessary to protect that right. The Third and Fourth Amendments stop government from using muscle alone to defang the Second. The Fifth through Eighth Amendments impose (what used to be) significant barriers against the ability of the State to intrude upon the private sphere. And the Ninth and Tenth Amendments make it perfectly clear that the government is not your ultimate defender- you are.

Now if you're going to do the same thing that almost every other Western nation (other than Switzerland) has done, and surrender your freedoms in exchange for illusory "security", then you have no one to blame for what is coming other than yourself. If, however, you choose to take responsibility, as your Founders wanted you to, and secure your freedoms, then you know what to do- train yourself in firearms, educate yourself about the threat posed by Islam, get yourself to a gym, learn a martial art.

You have nothing to lose from doing so, and everything to gain.


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