Remember, YOUR PEOPLE Elected These Arseholes

I have been following the Snowden affair with some considerable interest, not least because it vindicates every last bit of mistrust and hatred that I have for this country's government. I plan to write at some greater length about this, mostly because as someone who has actually lived in a surveillance state in my life, I have a perspective on this issue that most Americans don't. For now, all I can say is, libertarians like me have been screaming that this would happen, for years.

We bloody told you so.

You would think that an intelligent and informed electorate would wake up and realise what its government is doing. But then this particular news item came up over on the Daily Mail and, well, it just blew my mind:
A poll conducted after news of the NSA's snooping scandal broke on Thursday shows that more than one quarter of self-identified Democrats disapproved of the agency's surveillance programs under the George W. Bush administration, but now approve of it under the stewardship of Barack Obama. 
The national survey from the Pew Research Center and The Washington Post found that 64 per cent of Democrats approve of the NSA 'getting secret court orders to track calls of millions of Americans to investigate terrorism.' Only 34 per cent voiced disapproval.

When Pew asked a similar question in 2006, just 37 per cent found the practice of 'secretly listening in on phone calls and reading emails without court approval' acceptable. 
That partisan swing of 27 per cent may be related to the differences in the questions' wording, but it suggests an overall willingness on the part of President Obama's partisan supporters to approve of the NSA's secret surveillance now that his administration is in charge.
Republicans, too, saw a shift in support for the NSA's programs - only in the opposite direction. Support from 75 per cent of GOP supporters in 2006 dwindled to 52 per cent this month.
My contempt and disdain for Obarmy is well known. But it says something about the intelligence, or lack thereof, of the average American voter, and especially of the average American Democrat voter, that they voted for this dips*** twice and continue to support him despite his blatant incompetence, narcissism, and utter disregard for his own campaign promises. Not only that, but you people didn't seem to have much of a problem with the Legislative and Executive branches vastly overstepping their authority to tap into private communications for years before Obarmy and his coterie of jackasses took over the reins of power; after all, it's not like President George W. Bush was very much better in this regard.

To paraphrase Alexander Hamilton- who, ironically, was in many ways the father of the modern big-government statist nightmare that we find ourselves living in- the American people have shown, repeatedly, that they prefer disgrace to danger, and are therefore ready for a master, and deserve one. This is your bloody fault. You brought this upon yourselves when you decided to prefer security over freedom, and now you are reaping the consequences of your galactic-scale stupidity.

All I can say from the sidelines is, good luck cleaning up the mess you created.


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