The Long War

Among the many books that I find myself reading at the moment, Peter Schwyzer's book Reagan's War is definitely the standout. If you thought you knew who Ronald Reagan was based on his public appearances or his speeches, think again, because the simple bumpkin that you thought you knew was only a façade  and a brilliantly held one at that. For all of my differences with President Reagan- and there are many- I do agree that he was by far the greatest President of the 20th Century, for it was his vision, and his ideas, that led to the destruction of the monstrous, barbaric evil that we today refer to tamely as "communism". The war against the evil empire of the Soviet Union was his war. He was the mastermind of America's final victory, and his doctrines generated the drive and the power and the vision needed to destroy, once and for all, the absolute tyrannical evil that was the USSR. There are important lessons to be learned from that war, and it is vital that we learn those lessons, for we (meaning the civilised Western world) are very much in danger of losing a much larger, far longer war.

Reading this book brings to mind the ongoing war against the other great enemy to human freedom and liberty- Islam. And reading this book gives you a very good idea of just what it will take to win that war, for unlike Communism, Islam will not be defeated in the span of a single generation.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Let me tell you, briefly, the simple story of how this war started. You didn't start it. Nor did your fathers, nor their fathers, nor their fathers before them. This war will not be ended in your lifetime; you will be long dead and gone before we can even be certain that we are winning it, but you will assuredly be alive to know whether we are losing it. This war started long before you were born- nearly 1,400 years ago, in fact, in a place we know today as Medina. It was there that the self-proclaimed Prophet of Islam fled when he discovered that his teachings were not being accepted in his birth city of Mecca. It is there that Mohammed became a warlord, raised an army of followers, and embarked on a war of conquest that would drive forward the political ideology disguised as a religion that we refer to today as Islam. Mohammed's great genius, and the trait for which he should be remembered by history, lay in uniting the bickering Arab tribes into a single coherent, cohesive, and deadly military force using theology and promises of eternal salvation.

The war started in Arabia and soon expanded outwards. The first great wave of Islamic expansion, driven during Mohammed's lifetime, sent Islam surging outwards towards the rest of the Arabian peninsula and then east towards Persia. Eventually Islam turned westwards again, invading Europe through Spain and going as far as France, and was finally stopped by Charles "The Hammer" Martel at the Battle of Poitiers in AD 732. The second great wave of expansion started with the conquest of Sicily in AD 932 and continued on for the next 700 years, culminating with one of the few truly catastrophic defeats that Islam has ever suffered at the Siege of Vienna, which was conclusively broken and shattered on a date that today stands, for all the wrong reasons, as the most famous in history:

September 11th, 1683

The third wave started relatively recently and is still ongoing, brought about by the colossal hubris and stupidity of Western governments in opening their doors, their borders, and their welfare systems to Islamic immigrants from the Third World. It will not end any time soon, and it will certainly not end peacefully.

The Nature of the War

Do not for one moment be stupid enough to think that Islam is some religion of peace that tolerates coexistence. It does nothing of the sort, and those idiotic, naive, and foolish enough to be taken in by this propaganda deserve exactly what they get.

Islam makes its stated goals and aims perfectly clear to anyone who takes a little time and trouble to discover them. In the Islamic worldview, the entire world is divided into two "houses"- dar al Islam, the house of Islam, and dar al Harb, the house of war. The Islamic way of war is very simple, for combatants are offered exactly three choices: conversion, subjugation, or death. Those who choose conversion often find themselves regretting that choice, because Islamic law absolutely forbids income taxation of Muslims; so, of course, any halfway sensible Islamic caliphate will always choose to raise taxes on the dhimmi, the subjugated near-slaves of the populace, to satisfy the needs of an expanding empire.

When presented with this choice, do not think that you can go the route of the Danegeld and buy yourself some breathing room or some margin of safety. The idea that tribute is "owed" to Muslims by "everyone else" is a cornerstone of Islamic law. Within this view, welfare systems used by the West to give third-world immigrants a "fresh start" are simply viewed as rightful tribute by Islamic clerics, who do not hesitate to promote this point of view via various outlets.

My own people know- or should know- the reality of Islam in their very bones. My country is roughy 20% Muslim, and the legacy of Islamic empire in my land is a long and bloody one. When Arab conquerors came to my country, they found idol worshippers and animists- the very thing that they hate the most. They proceeded to slaughter my people in such truly appalling numbers that it is estimated that the death toll in my land exceeded eighty million people over the course of 500 years of occupation. And that is a conservative estimate. The true number is almost surely much higher. The holocaust perpetrated by Islamic occupiers against my people should have knocked some sense into historians the world over; sadly, it has not. There is a very good reason why the Hindu Kush is named what it is; in Farsi, it means "Kills the Hindu".

Understand this, and understand it well: Islam is a political ideology that accepts the primacy of nothing other than the Word of Allah. It preaches a gospel of deep intolerance towards other faiths, of extreme violence and constant, aggressive expansion, of repression of human liberty and faith, and of technological stagnation. It is a political ideology that recognises strength above all things, and which will not hesitate to use whatever covert means are necessary to achieve that strength. History has shown this repeatedly, and now we are coming yet again to the same point in the same cycle.

The reason you have probably never heard of any of this- as I had not until just a few years ago, even though I grew up in an Islamic nation- is because of the Islamic doctrines of taqqiya and hudna. The former basically means "deception used to further the cause of Islam", and in simple terms means that it is permissible in Allah's eyes to lie in order to ensure the victory of Islamic forces over their enemies. The latter doctrine involves striking a truce of at most 10 years in length to allow Islamic forces to recuperate from a major defeat. At no point does Islam permit the idea of "defeat" to enter into the minds of its followers; every setback is merely an obstacle to be overcome while working towards the ultimate goal of absolute dominion over all human life on Earth.

How Reagan Fought His War

Reagan's war against the Soviet Union has many parallels with the current Long War, and many lessons that we need to learn, and fast. Reagan attacked the Soviets from 4 distinct but tightly related angles:
  1. The economic approach: Reagan knew, better than almost anyone else, that a totalitarian system based on slave labour could never compete with the power and dynamism of a free market economy in which choices were rewarded or punished based on market incentives. Reagan believed for most of his political career that the Soviet Union's economy was in reality at best the size of California's; subsequent declassified analysis from both the KGB and the CIA proved him right, and showed that America alone, without any help from the other NATO nations, could outproduce the entire Warsaw Pact bloc with ease.
  2. The military approach: for all of their bluster and might, Reagan believed that the Soviet military edge lay in numbers, not in technology. He recognised that the Soviet military expansion program, started under Brezhnev and continued by his successors, was proving hugely expensive for the Soviet economy. When Reagan came up with the Strategic Defence Initiative (Star Wars, as it is colloquially known- and it was all his idea, by the way), the Soviets were thrown into an almighty pickle. They couldn't afford to increase military spending to match the Americans. But they couldn't afford to ignore a strategic initiative that would in one simple stroke render both their first-strike and retaliation-strike capabilities useless. Star Wars threatened to bankrupt the Soviets, and they knew it.
  3. The diplomatic approach: by relentlessly hammering the Soviet Union in public for its failures, and by presenting a firm and unyielding show of tenacious resolve to American allies, Reagan made it perfectly clear to everyone that he was not to be trifled with. Reagan had no problem with the idea of meeting with Soviet leaders- but he believed in doing so from a position of strength, in which America's interests came first and Soviet interests were not allowed to dominate.
  4. The covert approach: Reagan's war involved hitting the enemy in his vulnerable spots, repeatedly and hard, and nowhere was this more prevalent than in his use of covert military operations to attack Soviet interests around the world.
How to Fight the Long War

Reagan's war, and his example, provide us with the exact strategies and tools that we need to stop Islam in its tracks. Note that nothing I am writing here is new. Everything that I write here was first expounded in detail by a very brilliant Dutch civil servant named Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje, who observed the insurrections in Aceh against the Dutch colonial administration and wrote a seminal text on containment of Islamic expansion and aggression. The key to defeating Islamic expansion is to stop treating it as a religion and start treating it as what it truly is- a political ideology, and a very dangerous one at that. Only when political Islam is on the retreat, and is contained to the point where it is little more than an exercise in observance of religious scripture, can the West breathe easy. There is very little to fear from religious Islam; but there is everything to fear from political Islam.

We start, as always, with economics. An economy that follows Islamic law and the economic policies that such law dictates will very rapidly fall into utter stagnation. It is no accident that the Arab nations have contributed absolutely nothing to human advancement and happiness since the turn of the 20th Century other than petroleum. Every single major Western advancement in that time has come from European and American minds. It's not as if there is some law of nature dictating that the Arabs cannot build thriving economies, either; resource-poor nations like Japan and Singapore have done a phenomenal job of building trade-based, technologically advanced economies that have raised the living standards of their people at rates never seen before in human history. Were it not for an incredibly fortuitous accident of geography and geology, it is likely that the Islamic nations of the Middle East would have stayed in stagnation and decay without the West's interventions.

For all of the aggressiveness of Islamic imperial expansion, it can be countered using the core strengths of a free market economy. An Islamic economy will be forced to make hard choices between maintaining Islamic citizens in the style to which they have become accustomed at the vast expense of their dhimmis, or going into permanent war mode. A free market economy, by virtue of its ability to produce what people want at ever lower costs, can circumvent this entire problem by simply out-producing a stagnant economy.

It should never be forgotten that Islamic empires respect strength above all else. The concept of the strong horse is absolutely central to Islamic philosophy, so the first lesson of history to remember is that when the armies of Islam were stopped and defeated decisively, the Islamic world almost instantly went into decline. After the defeat at Poitiers, Islam began a long retreat back to Andalusia. After the destruction of Islamic armies at Vienna, the Ottoman Empire almost instantly went into terminal decline. Until the advent of Western petroleum exploration in the Middle East in the early part of the 20th Century, the Arab Peninsula was fractious, divided, and backward. Well before the partition of Palestine, the Jews of Israel proved that things didn't have to remain that way by building a flourishing oasis in the middle of nothing but sand and rocks; the Arabs did nothing to follow suit and still haven't.

The manner and method by which the third wave of Islamic expansion can be defeated can be outlined in a few relatively simple points:
  1. Start by cutting off all immigration from Islamic nations. It is futile and stupid to believe that Islamic immigrants will adopt the customs and traditions of Western nations for which they have zero respect and even less tolerance. It simply does not work, as nations like Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Holland are rapidly finding out. Barbarians will remain barbarians for generations after they immigrate, and those who do not learn this lesson will go the way of the Romans and for the same reasons.
  2. Continue by cutting off ALL foreign aid to Islamic nations. As far as I'm concerned, foreign aid is a monumentally stupid idea to begin with; it doesn't work. So, stop pretending that paying the jizya will keep the jihadist away; it didn't work with the Danes and the Danegeld, after all.
  3. Set your economies free. Stop pretending that your governments know what they're doing by taking over various industries. Your economies are sluggish and enervated, and they are becoming more so every day as your own stupidity and laxness permits your government to take over ever more sectors of the economy, thereby strangling the very sources of your power and your natural advantages over your enemies. Destroy the Federal Reserve, remove the power of the printing press from your idiot politicians, and stop pretending that governments know how to pick winners and losers in the economy. Institute a single universal, low, flat tariff on all foreign imports, reduce and eventually eliminate all income taxes, and roll back the entire overbearing apparatus of the Federal government until its only powers are those enshrined within your sacred Constitution.
  4. Dismantle your welfare systems. Destroy them completely and utterly. That means no more Social Security, no more Medicare, no more food stamps, no Federal assistance for housing, education, or bloody well anything else. If you can't afford it, do without. You cannot afford these idiotic entitlements anyway as it is. They do you no good and they give aid and comfort to your enemies. Providing Islamic immigrants with free welfare assistance is very much like this country selling massive amounts of grain at far below market prices to the USSR in order to secure arms concessions. It didn't work then, it doesn't work now. Your enemies laugh at your weakness in private while smiling at you in public. You are fools if you insist on believing their falsehoods.
  5. At every turn attack the structural weaknesses of Islam. Time and again history has proven that an Islamic state cannot compete against a technologically advanced, free-market economy (up until the Yom Kippur War, the Israelis were making their Arab neighbours look stupid at least once a decade, and Israel hardly even counted as a free-market economy back then), but it can muster sheer numbers against a technically superior opponent- and those numbers will be motivated by fanaticism. Neutralise those numbers wherever possible by exploiting the long-standing factional and sectarian fractures within Islamic theology. Learn the difference between the various sects and strains of Islam, understand where they disagree with each other, and exploit those divisions wherever possible. For instance, it is no secret at all that Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is absolutely terrified that Shi'ite Iran will acquire nuclear weaponry; thus, in order to save their own skins, the Wahhabists seek accommodation with an equally frightened West. That fear is foolish. Seek to pit each against the other instead of seeking accommodation or a balance of power.
  6. Withdraw your troops from all foreign colonies. Your American empire is overstretched and on the brink of collapse as it is. Pulling back to easily defensible home ground is your only option. You should never have been over there fighting these ridiculous and pointless wars of "nation-building" in the first place. Return home, rebuild your domestic economy through the free market, secure your borders, and confront the threat head-on instead of pussyfooting around it as you are at present.
  7. Identify the single biggest weak point of the Islamic world's economies, and strike it- hard. Islamic economies the world over are highly dependent on one thing: natural resources, and specifically oil. While it is not possible to achieve this fool's dream that your useful-idiot Republican politicians stupidly refer to as "energy independence" (for no such thing exists), it is possible to bring down long-term costs and prices for energy by ensuring that any and all resources available in domestic territories are exploited to the fullest. You import about 10% of all of your oil from the Middle East, which doesn't sound like much; but, by pushing down the long end of the forward curve for oil contracts, you can rapidly impoverish and potentially even bankrupt the sources of wealth for jihadists the world over.
Winning the Long War

I am not deluded enough to believe that any of this will ever happen. As far as I can tell, the West is too far gone for that. Western civilisation is facing its final, ignominious collapse, brought low by decades of greed, stupidity, and wishful thinking. The key strength of Islam is that for all of its utopian silliness regarding the kingdom of Allah, it recognises that humans instinctively respect strength and acts accordingly. The great weakness of the West, and especially of the European West, is its flatly idiotic belief that what ought to be can somehow triumph over what is. The time for such ridiculous illusions is rapidly drawing to a close.

However, for those with the eyes and the brains to see, Reagan already showed you how this war can be fought and won. Heed his lessons well. Learn from him, and other happy warriors like him. Understand the nature of your enemy, and understand that the stakes of this fight are higher than those of any other war fought before or since by this country. Unlike any other war that your nation is currently fighting, this one was not of your choosing. You did not ask for this war. You did not engage in this war. But you can still help win it. All you have to do is to choose the path of the civilisationists, and stop upholding the pretty lies which have sustained Western society for so long. Ultimately, those lies will perish, and the truth will shine clearer for it. But we will pay a terrible and bloody price before that happens. When the time comes, you will have a choice to make. Choose well.

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  1. The West might turn into one big Rhodesia, but with Islam instead of Communism.

    What do you think of Reaganomics? The idea, to me, seems so logical. More capital in the hands of those who can produce factories and jobs. However, I am constantly told that Reaganomics didn't work.

    1. The West's descent into anarchy and war is a given at this point. It's not a question of whether America "might" turn into a failed state, it's a question of "when". Fortunately (well, depending on your point of view, I suppose), America is likely to become a failed state with a left-wing hostile Mexican state to its south and west, rather than becoming dominated by an Islamist welfare-warfare state the way I think most of Europe will be.

      Regarding your second question, it's a good one that merits a longer reply. I'll respond to it shortly.

  2. That's true. The Left can be just as bad as Muslims. From sending in armed troops to deal with civilians to rounding up wealth produces in the name of the collective.

    The only place that looks reasonably safe is Australia and New Zealand.

    1. Leftists and Islamists have more in common than might appear obvious at first. They both seek a utopian solution to the world's problems; they both espouse totalitarian methods in their pursuit of that solution; they both have a deep-seated disdain for human freedom and enlightenment; they both use extreme and appalling violence to achieve their ends. The major difference, of course, is that leftists rarely worship or even acknowledge any higher power; Islamists believe that everything they do is justified in the eyes of their god. As a consequence, you'll find that leftists are far less willing to die for their cause than Islamists are- which is both a good and a bad thing.


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