(Long) Weekend Linkage

Lots of great writing floating about this week to occupy your reading time:
  • Vox Day takes note of a very scary development that basically eliminates the Society of Cincinnatus
  • Golden oldie from Vox- the sin of Jeroboam
  • Vox Day over at Alpha Game draws a distinction between the nihilists and the civilisationists of the Manosphere
  • Bill Powell has been doing some digging into the powers that the Federal government has arrogated to itself- and what he's found is bloody terrifying
  • Keoni Galt on being able to say "F*** YOU" to everyone and everything that has power over you today- and how to do it
  • Keoni again on the Curse of Eve- guys, it's really not their fault, they can't help it, but that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it
  • Red Pill Wifey plays a very amusing game- part 1 here, part 2 here
  • tempesttcup on how to find and date introverted girls (I know one or two, they're worth close to their weight in gold)- part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here
  • Rollo steps up to bat to take on the concept of "that special guy" and knocks it out of the park
  • Prof. Ironwood's class is in session, and he's come up with a barnstormer of a lesson- ladies, pay attention, there will be a test
  • Halfbreed reviews the Blackdragon online dating system*
  • Danger & Play on the best way to overcome mediocrity
  • The Elusive Wapiti slaps around the Baby Boomers with a much-needed dose of truth and consequences
  • Another good one from EW about the sheer silliness of demanding equality in the military
  • Mikael on the reason why every man needs to be able to cook for himself
  • Samseau comes up with an interesting take on Tolstoy's views of the Church
  • Tam's frustration with WinDOZE 8 is entirely understandable
  • Never underestimate the competitive instincts of little girls when playing football
  • For Memorial Day- now that's what I call a healthy burger
  • Lemmy may not quite be God, but he's pretty damn close
  • Metal track of the week: "Thunderbird" by IRON SAVIOR

* I'll be putting that system to use fairly soon, stay tuned


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