Game IRL: A Field Report (of Sorts)

It isn't easy getting into the game. Lord knows I still suck at it, mostly because I've barely taken any real practical steps into the game yet. However, if you ever find yourself wondering whether the Red Pill actually makes any sense in real life, you may find the contents below to be of some interest. The fact is that game works because it is truth- the truth about the way men and women are, the truth about interactions between the genders, and the manner in which men can make themselves better and stronger and more desirable.

My first story concerns my trip to London a month ago. I have previously recounted how I met an old high school friend of mine for dinner and drinks while I was there. This meeting went really rather well. I have always found this woman desirable, in a very earthy, physical sort of way- she has an amazing rack and a great ass bolted to a short frame, but unfortunately she loses a LOT of points because she has always had a weight problem. She is, overall, at best a 5 even with those fantastic breasts- and like any modern woman, she thinks she deserves at least a point more than is realistic or justified. During dinner we generally discussed, well, banalities- who's married to whom, who has settled down, who is still single, how my family is doing, how her family is doing, etc. etc. Nothing of any great interest there to the dispassionate outside observer. It was only when we went for a quiet drink nearby in Covent Garden that things got interesting. As I wrote in that earlier post, she had just been through a bad experience with a significant LTR and found herself wondering what was next. And as I indicated in this post, I took that opportunity to drop some very heavy Red Pill wisdom on her.

There are, in fact, some women who Get It. They understand, intuitively, that feminism is an utter lie, that the feminist equalitarian utopia can never truly come to pass. This woman is one of them. Despite this, she is still a woman, and that means she is still slave to her hamster. During my conversations with her over several drinks, she stated that the few men who she has dated find her "intimidating". I simply smirked and pointed out that those men were at best lesser Beta males who were intimidated by a woman with a mouth and a mind. She pointed out that she was staring down the barrel of the prospect of "settling"; I simply told her point-blank that this was the most likely outcome. She found herself wanting the Alpha male, but having to settle instead for the Beta male; at this point, the discussion of her "Sex Rank" came up, and I delighted in smacking her hamster down by pointing out that her weight problem will ultimately stop her from securing any sort of Alpha as she enters the inevitable decline of her fertility. When the issue of hair length came up, I forcefully and physically demonstrated why long hair is preferable by reaching over and tugging it. I didn't ask for permission, I just did it.

To most modern men- and indeed, to me, not so long ago- these responses would have been horribly non-PC, even caveman-like. Today, I say these things without a second thought because they are true. Since I am quite a lot smarter than most of the women I deal with daily, and since I am physically quite strong, I do not find supposedly "smart" women particularly intimidating at all- indeed, I generally have to hold myself back from brutally dismantling the more stupid things that come out of their mouths and which pass as "wisdom" among their Delta and Gamma orbiters. There are very, very few women in my circle of acquaintances who are actually worth listening to on most subjects (I actually can think of only one, and it's not the one in question right now)- and with maybe two exceptions I've found a distinct negative correlation between their physical attractiveness and their mental acuity. It is precisely because I did not toe the usual feminist line in my responses to her that she rather enjoyed her time with me- so much so that when we eventually parted, I realised from her physical responses that had I had the time, the inclination, and the logistical means, I realised something very important:
I could have taken her back to my hotel and banged her that very night.
Evidently I'd made an impression, because she wrote to me, unprompted, a few weeks later asking how I was and expressed interest in seeing me again the next time I'm across the Pond. Note that this is a woman with whom I've exchanged maybe three emails in the previous 4 years since I last saw her. Now, I'm too far away to do much of anything about that right now, but let's just say that if I do go back to London in the summer, I'll be planning things quite carefully to take advantage of this situation.

My second story concerns interactions with females in the workplace. At the suggestion of Prof. Ironwood, I've taken up Formal Fridays with considerable zest. And make no mistake, this sort of thing makes a real impression, particularly on the women. When I walk into the office on a Friday wearing a really nice suit with a primly starched shirt and a tie with a real Windsor knot (yeah I know the cleavage is distracting, but the content of the video actually is very good), wearing cufflinks and looking like a man who knows his business, I can literally see the women in the office perking up and taking note.

One in particular seems to have a bit of a soft spot for me- and the fact that she's on the accounting side of my business, with the power and authority to make life difficult for anyone who doesn't give her what she requires of us every month, means that she is a very useful character to have on-side. During a recent conversation one Friday, it became quite clear that despite the fact that she has been married 13 years and is on the wrong side of homely and has children and is evidently quite happy with her marriage, I've made a bit of an impression. I did so through both overt and subtle gestures of strength- excellent posture, slow and deliberate movements, and concrete and absolute demonstrations of complete mastery over what I do. I was only half joking when I subsequently told one of my clients that I had stepped away from my desk to flirt with someone in finance.

Now let's not get off on the wrong track here. Few women are going to get turned on by listening to you describe with perfect barometric accuracy the ins and outs of daily P&L (and those that do may well be head cases). Fewer still are going to swoon over a well-pressed suit and a nice tie- if that were all it took, Armani or Raymond's suits would be worth more than their physical weight in gold. But, when you combine undeniable competence, real physical strength, and a limited or non-existent tolerance of nonsense with a bold and powerful look, you project an image of absolute Alpha maleness. And whether they admit it or not, women will notice this and they will react according to the dictates of their biology. I'm not exaggerating when I write that this woman's interactions with me were right on the borderline of what is considered "appropriate" within the confines of today's stifling, politically correct workplace environment- and I work at a firm where you could make a mistake that costs someone $2M and not get fired, yet the moment you cross any kind of line with HR, you're out on your ass.

The lessons to be learned here are simple:
  1. The lies you have been told all your life are just that- lies. They will not stand up against the truth because they quite simply cannot do so. By learning game, you are taking the first step towards destroying these pretty lies.
  2. Get thee hence to a gym and build yourself a body. You don't even have to be that strong, but you will notice the difference very quickly. So will the people around you- especially the women.
  3. Physical contact is key to establishing intimacy. My friend in London reacted very positively in a very physical sense when I reached over and yanked her hair, hard, to show her why men prefer women with long hair. Roosh's Bang and Day Bang are great guides for showing you how to escalate into intimacy quickly and effectively.
  4. Power is something that you can pick up and discard at will with a little practise. I'm reminded of a poem that I learned back in elementary school. I cannot for the life of me remember the author, but I remember the contents very well- power is a suit, that smells of mothballs at first, but eventually that musty smell clears away as you get used to it and grow comfortable with it, until at last it becomes a part of you, as instinctive and as natural as breathing.
Game, ultimately, is nothing much more than a tool. It is also truth in its most powerful and distilled form. What you choose to do with it is really up to you, but I can guarantee you this: if you do nothing with it, you will suffer the consequences. If you choose to do something with it, you will reap the rewards. It's just that simple.


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