Weekend Linkage

Another bonkers week at work, hence the basically total radio silence here at DR. Not to worry though, there is plenty of good stuff out there to keep you busy this weekend:

* Many happy returns in advance, madam- and might I say, she is quite  a beauty. (RPW, if you're reading this, you should have no problem whatsoever figuring out the reference.)
** Let me make it clear right now that I completely disagree with D&P on the idea of taking anabolic steroids for workouts- and while I do wear 5-Fingers to the gym, I'm not exactly one of those "geeks" that he's dumping on. Every last bit of my lifting progress has come naturally, without steroids, and I'm stronger than like 95% of those damn curl bro pussies at my gym. And I'd really like to see D&P take on this guy, who is an all-natural lifter and makes me look like a complete wuss.
*** I first heard of these guys about 2 years ago via Bravewords.com and was just blown away by the power of Kobra Paige's voice (yeah all right, her real name is Brittany). Her vocal style has changed significantly since those early days, but damn she can sing!


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