Monkey + AK-47 = Hilarity

At some point you really do have to wonder how clever African guerrilla fighters can possibly be if they're giving loaded assault weapons to chimpanzees.

Maybe, just maybe, if the West stopped interfering, the whole lot of them would wipe each other out just from sheer stupidity?

(Credit goes to Tam for finding this particularly brilliant bit of galactic-scale idiocy.)


  1. I am not surprised at what I was watching.

  2. That's a clip from Return of the Planet of the Apes...the '20th Century Fox Research Library' tag and all...

  3. RJ has the right of it.

    Clever bit of gorilla marketing on 20th Century Fox's part, no?

    1. And by gorilla, you mean the muppet who handed the monkey the rifle, of course. Except that he makes gorillas look like rocket scientists by comparison.


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