Ladies, Pay Attention: Short Hair is NOT Appealing

It's hard to believe that this really needs to be said, but apparently it does- short hair does NOT make a woman appeal to a man:
Victoria's Secret has finally embraced Karlie Kloss' chin-grazing hair - but the lingerie giant's fans don't seem so convinced.
After covering the 20-year-old's newly chopped hair with mermaid-length extensions for its annual runway show last year, the brand has let Miss Kloss show off her blunt bob in the new Very Sexy ad campaign.
But some fans who believe short hair can't be 'sexy' are less than enthusiastic about Victoria's Secret leaving behind its penchant for big, blond hair.
I have no idea who Karlie Kloss is, other than that judging by the pictures in the article, she's really hot- when she has long hair. She looks boyish and flat with short hair. It's the same for the other Victoria's Secret Angels referenced in the article. The fact is and remains that men look for and desire three physical attributes in women: a nice rack, a nice arse, and nice hair. We are programmed to look for this through literally millions of years of evolution, and not all of the feminist nonsense in the world is going to change this.

And if any further proof were needed, check out the pictures in a similar article on the same website concerning an actress named Michelle Williams, who apparently does... something or other:

Honestly, aside from the actresses at the far left and right, I have no idea who any of these people are. But it's blatantly obvious that the brunette and the blonde on the left are immediately more attractive than the other two, simply by virtue of having long hair.

Interestingly, it seems some women, at least, understand this basic point. I had this very discussion with a very old friend of mine in London, someone I've known since high school, last week. She was bemoaning the fact that she was having difficulty getting back in the game, and being the evil bastard that I am, I decided to drop some heavy Red Pill wisdom on her. Good thing I did, too, because she actually rather enjoyed hearing some politically incorrect common sense from the one source that refuses to pander to her. When I told her that men like long hair because it gives us something to play with and pull on- and then demonstrated that very fact quite physically and overtly with her- she actually responded very positively. I am sure this does not come as news to those who are used to success with women, but for those who are just getting into the game, trust me on this: what you are reading and learning is real. It is true. And it bloody well works.


  1. If your theory on evolution was correct, that would mean that women, too, would be programmed to only be attracted to men with long hair. After all, there is absolutely no difference in the sexes regarding the way hair grows.

    Furthermore, the picture you provided was a horrible example. I did not find the two on the left more attractive - in fact, I barely looked at them. Because they are BORING. The gals with short hair look much more confident stand up straighter.

    Furthermore, since we do not live in a time where natural selection is prevalent, I see no reason why men should only be attracted to women with long hair. With modern medicine, nutrition and growth hormones, a man can logically say that just because a woman had short hair does not mean she is unhealthy or infertile.

    And, if such is the case, that would also mean that men should only be attracted to size 10 and 12 women, since anything below (back when we lived in tribes) was considered unsightly.

    But that is not the case at all.

    Your point is moot, sexist, and ill conceived.


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