Inside North Korea

Obviously this is written from a very Western perspective, but it's an interesting read nonetheless:
They take us to an almighty monument, a hammer, a sickle and a calligraphy brush: workers by hand and by brain, symbols of an old religion.

Many people think of North Korea as Communist. One year ago Marx and Lenin still had pride of place in a big square in town. But on our trip, they’re gone.

If North Korea is not Stalinist, what is it? Former British ambassador to the country John Everard was blunt: ‘There are sad parallels between North Korea and Nazi Germany and although some people describe North Korea as a Stalinist state, it’s actually much more accurate to describe it as neo-Nazi. It is deeply racially biased.
‘Kim Jong Il [Kim The Second] was an unabashed admirer of Hitler and copied the Nuremberg marches that are staged in Pyongyang to this day.’

They take us to the mausoleum, beautifully lit, spotlessly clean and splendidly heated. Kims One and Two lie in glass boxes, waxworks both. In North Korea, only the dead rulers lie warm. We’re told to bow, and being undercover, I submit.

Mark Fitzpatrick, an American expert on North Korea, says this is the only nation in the world ruled by a dead man. Generalissimo Kim Il Sung is still the leader of the country – a kind of god.
It’s rule by Zombie and Sons.
I can't say I think very much of President Obarmy's insistence on treating a plainly barmy regime as a serious threat. If I recall correctly, the last major missile test that the North tried out was a spectacular failure- which the North Korean media instantly trumpeted as a massive success, even though the missile itself went badly off course. The idea that the North could seriously threaten South Korea, other than bombing Seoul and a few targets in Japan, is for my money flatly absurd. A single American carrier battle group could flatten the entire country in under 72 hours, and the North has no way of countering American stealth technology.

The real problem here is, of course, China- the last real bastion of Communist stupidity anywhere in the world. And the Chinese, for all of their flaws, are not crazy. They are in fact extremely shrewd and extremely calculating. They will use this conflict to put themselves in a position of strength against the Americans. They know that America simply cannot afford a shooting war right now- not when it has five or six other "kinetic engagements", to use the Jackass Administration's rather absurd term for these things, on the books right now. And they will exploit that fact for maximum benefit. They would be completely right to do so, too, for America's time as an imperial power is rapidly drawing to a close. For my money, that close cannot come soon enough.

None of this changes the fact that the North Korean regime is flatly crazy. That alone makes it dangerous, but not nearly dangerous enough for Americans to contemplate starting a shooting war. If the North Koreans are crazy, stupid, and silly enough to invade the South, in the face of overwhelming military disadvantages and a ruined domestic economy, then by all means let them. It's their war, and it's high time the South Koreans learned to defend their own freedoms without American muscle backing them up.


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