Death and Taxes

April 15th is a date that should be marked down on the calendar as the one date on which the American people ought to be able to tar and feather government officials without fear of reprisal. Why? Because it is, of course, Tax Day.

Let's get one thing clear right now. Income taxation is theft. It is morally wrong, perverse in every way. If you believe that you are owed something by your government somehow, in the form of public transportation, or free health care, or free education, then you need to figure out how it's going to be paid for. And you need to reconcile the things you want with the fact that you are stealing from the working and the productive in order to fund your desires. Refusal to admit these things is tantamount to admitting that you are no better than a parasite, and deserve neither consideration nor compassion from the rest of us.

There are plenty of people in this country- I would wager the majority of them- who argue that government needs taxation in order to fund roads, education, health care, the military, etc. etc. I have a simple question for them: how, exactly, did this country become the most powerful and prosperous on Earth during the century and more when an income tax did not exist, when the Federal government had little or no say in terms of building internal improvements, and when people were responsible for their own education, retirement, and health care? For that is precisely the history of this country during the 19th Century- a time when these United States had precious little by way of regulations concerning mandatory health insurance, copyright law, tax credits for the poor, or anything else that defines the overbearing and increasingly useless apparatus of the government today.

Your stupidity as a nation is, unfortunately, catching on. This recent article was sent to me by my father, and it betrays the profoundly immoral attitude that so many government bureaucrats have towards taxation. They honestly do believe that the money is theirs and not yours by right:
First of all, we have to expect that our social spending will continue to grow. It's been growing significantly in the last few years and it'll continue to grow particularly as Singaporeans become older because healthcare needs will grow. The question is how you obtain the revenues. We do need over time, over the long term, to think of best sources of revenues and we've got to make sure that what we do is fair and equitable, but also keeps Singapore competitive, because that's what provides jobs for lower and middle income Singaporeans. It's a competitive economy and finding the right balance is important. 
Philosophically, I have nothing against raising income taxes. But we have to be practical about how far we can go, and when we can move.
Singapore is vastly more enlightened about income taxes than this country is. To fill out your taxes in Singapore, you basically need to spend 10 minutes filing a form online that encompasses maybe 2 sides of paper, and for which you need to save less than a month's worth of salary. In Hong Kong, it's even easier; because Hong Kong doesn't deduct taxes from your pay cheque, essentially all you have to do is save up enough money at the end of the year to pay off your bill. That's all. There is none of this monkeying around with various deductions, nothing nearly so absurd as the Alternative Minimum Tax, nothing so obtuse as the bizarre and never-ending array of deductions that make filing your taxes in the United States more painful than a root canal job. This is why Hong Kong, Singapore, and Finland are the best places on Earth to do business, while your country has been rapidly slipping down the rankings due to its completely ridiculous tax system. To call it Byzantine is actually to insult the memory of the Eastern Roman Empire; even their bureaucrats could not have dreamt up a system half as daft as yours.

The point is not that income taxation needs to be simpler- though that would be a good start. The point is that if you give these bastards an inch, they will take a mile. The point is that income taxation is outright and blatant theft. The point is that if you support a system of government funded by income taxes, you support the direct violation of the freedoms that your forefathers fought and bled and died to secure- and you therefore deserve none of those freedoms.

There are ways of minimising the income tax burden upon yourself and your family. This includes under-reporting your income, and investing in hard assets, including guns, gold, silver, and more practical things such as cars and houses (in reasonably priced parts of the country, which means anywhere that does not have stringent zoning laws). It is supposedly a Federal crime to do so. What you have to ask yourself is whether you wanted and chose the government that you have today. If not, then why on Earth do you continue to support it through the immoral plunder of your earned wages and income? 


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