Why I am a Libertarian

The Pointless Divide

Danger & Play posted a brief but very good take on why he is neither a liberal nor a conservative:
Big Government: Liberals say, “We need a strong social services program since I am afraid of losing my job and being unable to support myself.” Conservatives say, “I’m terrified of cave-dwelling savages and of black men. We need a larger army and more police on the street!” Ou[r] taxes and national debt go up accordingly.
Child support: Liberals say, “A woman has the right to choose! A man who doesn’t pay child support takes that right away from her.” Conservatives say, “Man up and take responsibility for your choices!” Both will send you to prison if you lose your job and are unable to pay child support.
Age of consent: Liberals says, “A man shouldn’t be able to have sex with a girl under 18 because that would objectify her.” Conservatives say, “A man shouldn’t corrupt the young.” Both will send you to prison for having sex with Alec Baldwin’s daughter.
 The whole thing is worth reading for anyone who, like me (a few years ago), is becoming increasingly disillusioned with the kabuki theatre that is today's political process in just about any democracy. His very last sentence, dripping with contempt as it is for the current state of things, is perfect.

The reality is that progressives will always have bad ideas because they have zero understanding of the laws of economics and of human nature. But it's not like conservatives are necessarily any better. Far too many conservatives are what Daniel Hannan calls "small-c conservatives". (His speeches in which he actually uses the word "antidisestablishmentarianism" in its correct and proper context are quite something to watch). Such conservatives resist change because they believe that as bad as things are, change can only make them worse. So they become part of the problem, instead of realising that the only way to correct things is to tear down the entire system, and start all over again.

Republicrat, Demoblican, What's the Difference?

Following on from this line of thought is Vox Day's most excellent (as always) take on the current political process (also seen in my last Weekend Linkage post):
I've previously pointed out that there is no longer "law" as such, in the United States any more.  Everything about the "nation", which is no longer, properly speaking, even a nation anymore, is fraudulent, from its "money" to its system of "justice".  Even something as simple and basic as openly fighting a "war" is now beyond its bloated, cancerous make-believe structure.

I wouldn't call the present system a dictatorship myself.  Dictatorships are more open and direct.  It is better described as a simulatorship, which is to say, rule by pretense.  It is remniscent of the latter days of the Soviet empire, when the Russian people pretended to work and the Soviet government pretended to pay them.  In the latter days of the US empire, the federal government pretends its actions are within the limits set by the U.S. Constitution and the American people pretend to believe them.

If a corporate entity is too big to fail or too big to jail, then logic dictates it must be cut down to a size that permits both.  Remember, corporations are not capitalism, they are creations of government and if they can't reasonably be imprisoned, they can certainly be "executed".  And if real American people can be "legally" executed at the order of the president, then can there really be any doubt that artificial American people are also liable to termination on command as well?
 This is absolutely true of the current Administration- and of its predecessor, and that one's predecessor, and so on and so forth, going back to Reagan's time and well beyond. And as much as I admire the Gipper, I will certainly not refrain from pointing out that his supposedly "free-market", "small-government" administration saw an explosion in government spending and subsidies for big businesses. Your government is no longer controlled by you. Why, then, do you insist on thinking that your vote matters? Or that giving these idiots power over you is somehow a good idea?

The Alternative

First things first: stop voting. There's no point whatsoever to it. Voting for one of the two main political parties has already been established as utterly retarded, and voting for a third party is every bit as pointless as voting for the Stupid Party or the Evil Party. (It doesn't matter who is what; whoever is currently in power is evil, and whoever is in opposition is stupid, and then things will change around every 4-8 years or thereabouts.) Your vote does not matter one way or another.

The only alternative is to simply abandon this system, which is flatly unworkable. Burn it down. Destroy it. And then begin anew. Otherwise, you'll just keep getting screwed over every single time you go to the ballot box.

So how does one start? Well, for one thing, stop giving these idiots power. That means disengaging from the systems that sustain them. (I warn you, though, that what follows is NOT a happy set of messages.)

  • You hate being bent over a barrel and raped up the ass with a stack of quarters to pay taxes for entitlements that you'll never be able to use? Stop working so hard- or stop working altogether. (But do not, whatever you do, start living on welfare. I have ZERO respect for those who take government welfare, no matter how dire their straits. I'll tell you some other time of how I've been laid off, twice, and never once accepted a penny from the !@#$%^&* government.)
  • You hate the fact that your sons and daughters are being sent over to die in foreign lands for the sake of establishing "civilisation" in places that neither want nor can sustain it? Stop encouraging them to join the military and tell them to become mercenaries instead.
  • You hate the fact that big banks and corporations keep getting bailed out while you struggle to find a loan or build your business? Walk away from your mortgage. Just abandon it. You don't owe these bastards a damn thing.
  • You hate the fact that the stock market keeps going up but you feel poorer every time you walk up to the checkout lane of your local grocery? Liquidate your current investments, go into gold, foreign currencies and stocks, precious metals, guns, ammunition, and foreign land.
  • You hate the fact that marriage represents a massive risk to the wealth and security and mental health of any young man today? Don't get married. Full stop. Enjoy your life, enjoy sleeping around, and above all enjoy the "fruits" of feminism.
  • You hate the fact that your Church, your rock and guiding beacon of spiritual enlightenment, appears to support the very evils that are destroying a once-great civilisation? Abandon it. And abandon any Church that promotes Churchianity, and not Christianity.
  • You hate the fact that your news media appears to be lying to you every single day? Turn off the TV. Disconnect your cable subscription. Go Internet-only for your entertainment. Cancel your subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.
  • You hate the fact that you eat what the "experts" tell you to, and exercise the way they tell you to, but you're still fat and sluggish? Abandon the system. Cut the carbs from your diet. Go Paleo. Learn how to lift weights properly.
  • You hate the fact that the police are becoming ever more militarised and dangerous to you, despite the fact that you pay their salaries and you seek their protection? Become your own guardian. Learn how to shoot. Take Krav Maga classes. Become the answer to the question, quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
The Constitution is Dead; Long Live the Constitution

It wasn't meant to be like this. The government was meant to be your servant, never your master. This abomination that we see today, twisted and evil, is a cruel mockery of the system that your Founding Fathers in their awesome and eternal wisdom created. But you destroyed it- or rather, you let it be destroyed, and now you face a future lived in the wreckage of a glorious republic that became the very imperial evil that it once fought with such courage.

The Constitution is dead and gone. The ageless wisdom embodied in the faded words on that paper has been ignored to the point where it has no power any longer. This fate was predestined the moment the people of this nation chose security over freedom, and decided that their fates were better decided by their rulers than by themselves. If the Founders were alive today to see what their beautiful dream has become, they would be outraged beyond measure- but they would also know that they themselves had predicted much of what has come to pass.

And that, ultimately, is why I am a libertarian. I believe, very simply, that people should live as they choose. If they choose to make something of their lives, good for them. If they choose to live in poverty and squalor, too bad. If they choose to inflict harm upon me or mine, I will choose to use whatever force is necessary to defend those I care about. I am a libertarian because I believe that, within the constraints of whatever time God in His eternal wisdom and grace has given me, and the Word that He has given us, I am free.

I do not want to change the system from within. That system is diametrically opposed to my freedom and my belief that I may live my life as I choose, as long as I do no harm unto others. I want to tear it down and destroy it, and rebuild it into something better. This is the defining distinction between those who love freedom and everyone else. The question you have to answer is very simple: do you want to continue supporting a system that will eventually consume you, or do you want to create a new one in which the rights of every man are respected and honoured?


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