Immigration Versus Invasion

Vox Day posted his thoughts on a recent development in the UK, in his usual inimitable style, in which an Indian man was assaulted on a Manchester tram by white yoofs:
'We had been to the Fulham match at Old Trafford. We go as often as we can because we are big fans, we've been going for 25 years and never had any trouble,' said Mr Patel, who has lived in Manchester for 31 years.
'There were more than 200 people just in our carriage, it was so packed you couldn't move.
'About six men or seven men came on to the tram and started making indecent

racist comments. 
'Myself and my daughter felt distressed and very uncomfortable about this so I said "just behave". 
'I said it again "please behave" and that's when it started,' he said.

'How can this happen?': Mr Patel said only his 21-year-old daughter came to his aid while he was being attacked on the tram
'There was one in front of me and one behind me both punching me in my face and on the back of the head.
'They were hitting me in the face, the eyes, the head.
'After two punches I think I blacked out but the carriage was so full that I was unconscious while standing up. Nobody did anything or said anything, they all just stood and watched us.
'I managed to lean against the side of the tram while they got out.
'They told me "If you want finish this get off the tram" before they got off calmly at the G-MEX stop,' said the football fan, who added that his daughter was the only one who came to his aid during the attack.
Vox's commentary on the subject is sure to enrage the usual we-are-the-world crowd:
Multiculturalism is worse than murder.  It is even worse than mass murder, being more akin to genocide. It is attempted sociocide.  As for the self-hating fifth columnists who piously mouth PC sacraments like "racists have no place in our society", I suggest they go and try settling in India or Jamaica or Nigeria so they can discover how the people they are so eagerly welcoming to settle in their country truly feel about racial differences.
It doesn't matter in the slightest how one feels personally about these matters.  It doesn't matter how pure-in-heart and anti-racist you believe yourself to be. It doesn't matter that people of various sub-species and races have lived in relative harmony for ten, twenty, or even one hundred years. Cultural friction, like gravity, always wins in the end. History shows, history makes it abundantly clear, that eventually the cultural differences will trigger sufficient violence to restore the violated borders once more.  It is as completely futile to blame "racism" for the inevitable violence as it is to wage war on "terror".  Doing so is a fundamental category error. 
Now, I am from around the same part of the world that Mr. Patel is, give or take several hundred kilometres. I have lived in the West for the last 10 years. So I have a perspective on this issue that perhaps Vox does not.

It might come as a bit of a surprise to some, then, to find out that I happen to agree with pretty much everything he says on this subject.

The fact is that he is right. We Asians were brought in by very short-sighted Western governments as part of an immigration policy that was deliberately hidden from the voting public of those countries. (In fairness to my fellow Asians, we are not exactly "cheap labour"- we tend to go for jobs that require business acumen and hard work, and that's why we were brought in to begin with. In America, your cheap labour problem starts with Mexicans, not Asians.) Whether the invasion was by invitation or not is beside the point- the fact is that the West is being invaded by outsiders, to its great detriment. Any government that expected zero backlash or zero response to such a deliberate policy of replacing the native population with foreigners is galactically stupid, even by government standards. The reality is that large parts of modern Britain are completely unrecognisable as "British" anymore. The native culture of small-town and even large-city Britain has been completely subsumed and destroyed by "multiculturalism".

Many will call Vox racist. I am not one of them, and I have brown skin and am of mixed race myself. I have spent my entire life around diverse races and diverse people. Among my closest friends, I count a man from Long Island, a Dutch guy, a Russian woman, a half French-Canadian/half Japanese woman, a fake blonde from Pennsylvania, a former football player (you Americans incorrectly call it "soccer") from upstate NY, a man from Hong Kong, and four or five Indians. It is, to say the least, a diverse crowd. But the astute observer will note a pattern: I get along with these people as well as I do in no small part because I have long since adopted many of their ideas and customs as my own- anyone familiar with Asian mores and norms will be immediately aware that concepts like individual rights, personal liberty, and constrained government are not actually "normal" where we Asians come from. I do not have any desire to impose my own culture on them. And I have no desire to settle down long-term in the US; eventually, I will return to Asia and be done with the dying West. That may well happen as soon as next year. I have never once accepted a single cent of government assistance at the expense of the taxpayers of this country- indeed, because I earn good money, I actually end up paying taxes to support this country's aging population and Third World immigrants, instead of my own family back in Asia. As one might expect, I am not altogether happy about that fact.

These attitudes and ideas are NOT normal among immigrants to Western shores. Your government has long sought to do exactly what Bertold Brecht once suggested when confronted with a body politic that refused to do what the government thought best: "Would it not be easier for the government to dissolve the people, and elect another?" And you let them get away with it. Only now are you waking up and realising that your country is no longer one that you recognise. And eventually, that means a violent backlash against the foreigners who came here and took your country from you.

Vox also mentioned in passing that the British invaded many countries during their imperial expansion. Mine happens to be one of them. It is worth expanding upon this topic. Here's the critical difference between that invasion and the current one in reverse. When Britain invaded my country, it took from us- indeed, the British raped my country repeatedly for its wealth and resources, of that there can be absolutely no question and no debate. But- and this is absolutely critical- the British gave us something amazing in return. They created a united nation out of hundreds of squabbling fiefdoms and tribes. They gave us our current systems of law, education, government, federal politics, diplomacy, transport, trade, finance- almost every aspect of my country's society has been touched upon and for the most part improved by the British. It says something for the incredible skill and efficiency of the British empire that they were able to run a country of 300 million people with a civil service of just 100,000 men and women (mostly men). Seriously. They were that good. And it is a testament to the enduring values of the British Empire that my country is even today relying on decrepit and decaying transport networks that were built during British rule, while private (often foreign-led) investment and entrepreneurship is working to build out my nation's infrastructure.

That is the key difference between the imperial invasions of the 19th Century and the Third World invasions of the late 20th and early 21st. When the imperial powers invaded foreign lands, they brought the light of civilisation with them. When Third World nations invade your shores, they bring with them the same attitudes and divisions that they held in their homelands. It is not difficult to figure out where this will lead.


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