"French Stupidity" is Redundant

I love mocking the French, partly because they just make it so easy for the rest of us. (Full disclosure: I work for and with a French guy, for whom I have immense respect and with whom I have a great rapport; that still doesn't stop me from mocking his country mercilessly, to his face.) And just when you think the Frogs couldn't get more ridiculous, they find a way to top themselves:
Workers at Calais, Dunkirk, Dieppe and Cherbourg are due to stage a 24 hour stoppage from 7am tomorrow.
The stoppage involves members of Force Ouvriere who are responsible for controlling traffic in and out of channel ports.
Talks to settle a pay dispute broke down, threatening a chaotic start to one of the busiest holiday weekends of the year.
A walkout tomorrow will hit freight traffic particularly badly with the knock on over the next few days hitting leisure traffic as well. 
I do wonder if the Frogs realise just how little time their hilariously privileged lives and lifestyles have left. Their country is going bankrupt, and in their colossal hubris, they have insisted on stupidly following the American model of foreign adventuring without any thought to the consequences. Their government's much-vaunted "protections" for their coddled workers are unsustainable. Their unionised workforce is rapidly becoming noncompetitive (not that it was particularly competitive in the first place). Their country is being overrun by immigrants that the French people themselves never invited in and never truly wanted. And their tax rates are fast approaching Sweden's, only without the free-trade open economy that prevents Sweden from becoming a complete basket case.

Truth be told, I rather look forward to France's final and complete collapse, mostly because it will prove what libertarians like me have said all along- that there is a finite limit to the extent to which human stupidity can be borne. And little incidents like this silly strike along the way simply serve to reinforce my longstanding belief in the MPAI principle (as Vox Day would put it); but few people are bigger idiots than the French.


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