We Lost Another One...

Ponyboy bids us a fond farewell:
Yeah I'm shutting things down.Not sure if any of you noticed, I doubt it, but the twitter account was first to go.  I think I needed to delete something related to this whole "Ponyboy persona" to see how it felt before I deleted the big one.I'm the type of person when I make a decision, I've made it.  I don't waver, and I am typically anxious to act on it to move on to my next task rather than dwell on the decision. It's my personality I guess.So let me explain myself...See I fucked up.  I never should have let this go on as long as I did, and now it has become the undoing of the blog which I have enjoyed so much.See when I started this blog, I was in a different head space.  I needed the secrecy of the blog, otherwise it would have completely defeated the purpose of having it.  It was a cathartic outlet, like a journal of sorts.Well, I haven't really needed that secrecy since Summer.  But because I enjoy it so much I have kept doing it, while keeping the Mrs in the dark, and that's not right.
I only recently started reading Ponyboy's blog, and I found his take on things (and on banging his wife) to be immensely amusing and occasionally thought-provoking. I'm sorry to see him go. He's been a great contributor to the Manosphere and we need more like him.

Good luck to you, friend. Hope things work out the way you want them to and that you and the missus share many happy years together.


  1. Thanks brother!

    All the best to you as well!


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