A Father to His Son

I really do wish that my own father had taken the time to explain things like this, in plain and simple fashion, to me at the same age:
If you find yourself attracted to a woman who declares herself a feminist at any point, seriously think of finding the door for her as quickly as possible.  The only exception here is if you find yourself with what I’d call a soft feminist.  She’s interested, as all fair-minded people should be, and as I’m sure you are, in equal pay and equal opportunity and equal treatment on any and all issues.  On the other hand, if there is anything more than this, where, for example, there is a show or expression of “attitude” toward men, then run from the woman, and as fast you can.  She’s going to be more fxxxing trouble down the line than you can possibly imagine, and it’s a guarantee that at this point in history it’s not the kind of trouble any man of sound mind wants to deal with.  Unfortunately, the West is now full of such women, and they are nothing but serious trouble, huge trouble in fact. Put differently, if you fxxx up, in their eyes, even a little, and even over something trivial, you could be looking at jail time.  And I don’t mean this metaphorically.  You are now living in a time in which things like sexual harassment and a woman feeling “uncomfortable” and even her imagining that you physically or mentally abused her at the very moment that you are literally in the wilds of Borneo catching butterflies will get you arrested.  If you think I’m exaggerating, then I suggest we talk at length, and I will give you a hundred first-hand stories, and not a one of them will be an exaggeration or one of my fictions.  So, women who want to talk about having to live in a “paternalistic society,” and talk of “men the oppressor,” and who peddle horseshit about one in four women in universities being “sexually assaulted”—these kinds of women are literally dangerous to your mental health, your financial health, and your physically health.  My advice to anyone your age, and my age too for that matter, is: Stay the fxxx away from these women.  They’re just plain toxic.  In the workplace.  In grocery stores where once upon a merry time it was a great place to find a pickup fxxx for the night.  At parties whether they are only serving tea.  And most of all don’t find yourself in any kind of a relationship with women who have been indoctrinated in women’s studies programs by man-hating women, the scum of scum in America today.  Don’t even go near these university indoctrinated women for a dick-satisfying one-night fling; they have the power, literally, to come back to you six months or a year later and formally charge you with rape, for the sole reason that one morning they missed their period and had too much to drink and remembered that the one night they screamed and scratched in ecstasy and wanted more you only gave them one instead of two kisses upon getting out of bed to leave.  Anything remotely like the filing of a formal rape charge and you are fxxxed big time.
Go read the whole thing. And if you're a father, read it to your son when he comes of age and becomes a man. You'll be doing him a huge favour.


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