Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Bill Whittle coldly, clinically, and ruthlessly dismantles the notion that the Hilldebeast is somehow the victim of some "vast right-wing conspiracy" when it comes to her competence and eligibility for office:

We were discussing at my school the other day how it is that someone as blatantly and obviously corrupt as Hillary Rotten Clinton is being seriously touted as the inevitable candidate for the most powerful person on Earth. The answer, as far as I can tell, is that most Americans like to say that all politicians are corrupt- but they aren't actually interested in doing anything much about that fact.

Or at least, they don't seem to be as far as Democrats are concerned.

I'm not saying that Republicans are in any way less corrupt or less full of shit. Both wings of the One Party of Big Government are evil as well as stupid; the only way we have to tell them apart is that one wing is more replete with numbnuts or hellspawn than the other.

It is instructive, however, to compare and contrast what happened with the most well-known example of Republican corruption and malfeasance, with what the Hilldebeast has done.

As most Americans are well aware, in 1972, Richard Nixon was President of the United States of America. Early in that year, the Committee for the Re-Election of the President (CREEP- a deeply unfortunate acronym if there ever was one) presented a plan to senior officials in the Nixon Administration to bug the Democratic National Committee's headquarters in the Watergate Complex. A break-in was organised and was, initially, successful, with a couple of telephones in the DNC's headquarters being bugged in the process.

The subsequent, failed, break-in was the one that made headlines and toppled the President.

The Nixon Administration did its level best to cover up the break-in and avoid the (immense) political damage that it caused. Evidence emerged that the President himself had attempted to block the FBI's investigations of the incident by claiming that it was a matter of "national security" and was therefore a matter for the CIA to investigate. Within a few days of that revelation, President Nixon resigned, doomed to go down in history with one of the worst reputations of any President.

That was considered at the time to be the worst political scandal in the history of the Presidency. It still is, as far as I know. Portions of tapes were erased, the stench of corruption reached all the way to the top, and the President himself was shown to be of, at best, questionable moral integrity.

So that's Nixon taken care of. How does that compare to the Hilldebeast and her coterie of swamp-slime?

Well, let's see...:
  • Her husband lied under oath to Congress while he was President, and lied repeatedly on camera to the American people when asked about the nature of his relationship with a White House intern;
  • Her husband is known to have LOST the "football"- the card holding the launch codes to America's nuclear arsenal, which is kind of a bigger deal than just misplacing, say, your freakin' credit card;
  • The Hilldebeast herself lied, repeatedly, for ten straight days about the precise nature and motivations behind the attack on the American mission complex in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012, to the American people- even though she knew damned well that it was a premeditated Islamist attack on American property and personnel;
  • She denied requests for additional security from Ambassador Christopher Stevens at the Benghazi complex, and in so doing is at minimum indirectly responsible for the deaths of four Americans;
  • She lied about the willful misplacement, removal, and destruction of US government property;
  • She is plainly guilty of gross negligence in handling classified information and documents
And that doesn't even include the numerous examples of corruption documented in Clinton Cash and other places.

One should not expect any politician to be any kind of paragon of virtue. Politicians are human- flawed, fallible, and susceptible to any number of temptations.

But it takes a special kind of evil to be so willing to walk around with blood on one's hands, lies on one's tongue, and utter loathing for the American people in one's heart, while still wearing a smile.

Here in the real world, we refer to someone like that by a special word:
n. A person with a personality disorder indicated by a pattern of lying, cunning, manipulating, glibness, exploiting, heedlessness, arrogance, delusions of grandeur, sexual promiscuity, low self-control, disregard for morality, lack of acceptance of responsibility, callousness, and lack of empathy and remorse. Such an individual may be especially prone to violent and criminal offenses.
That is the nature of Hillary Rotten Clinton. She is the definition- the living, literal definition- of a psychopath.

And, astoundingly, incredibly, impossibly, she is being taken absolutely seriously in her quest for ultimate power, by something approaching 40% of the electorate (depending on who you're asking, obviously).

Honestly, it's hard to find an adequate point of reference that shows the sheer scale of such yammering insanity. The only analogy that comes to mind there involves teenagers, whiskey, and car keys- and quite frankly, I'd trust a shit-faced teenager with the keys to a Bugatti Veyron before I'd trust the Hilldebeast with the power of the Presidency.

At least the teenager would just kill himself and wreck a $1.6M hypercar, and maybe a few others, in the process. The Hilldebeast, on the other hand, would have absolutely no problem ordering tens of thousands to their deaths if it suited her purposes.

If this were still the country of laws and not men that its Founders envisioned, the Lizard Queen wouldn't be running for the highest office in the land. She would be in a Federal prison in stripes, not on a stage in Philadelphia in a pantsuit.

But we don't live in such a country anymore. We live instead in a place- it's not a "nation" anymore, not by any rational definition of the term- where there is one standard for the very rich and very powerful, and another for everyone else.

There isn't much point ranting about it, though. Conservatives have been ranting and raging about this sort of thing for damn near ten years, and it hasn't made the slightest quantum of difference; America continues to move toward a tyrannical one-party state under the new Romanovs, but without any of the style.

There is only one question that each one of us needs to answer: when the time comes and the moral authority of the American government collapses under its own dead weight, are you willing to fight for your nation- and not with words?

What will you do if that psychopath is elected as President?

Monday, 25 July 2016

Clinton Cash

Breitbart News has, very charitably (and quite cunningly, it must be said) made the documentary Clinton Cash available for free, forever, right here:

If you have not seen it yet, you need to. You need to understand just how unscrupulous, corrupt, and downright despicable the Clintons really are. You need to understand that "Hillary Rotten Clinton", as Trump-Muad'dib has now taken to calling her, will turn this country into a kleptocracy- because that is precisely what she and her husband did with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Most of all, you need to understand who, and what, Hillary Clinton really is.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

A demon in human form

All rights reserved to Ben Garrison and grrrgraphics.com. Original image can be found here.
Despite my rather less than salutory opinions about certain people and places, there are actually very few people that I genuinely despise and hate. Life is simply too short to spend it filled with loathing of others.

Hillary Clinton and her almost-equally-loathsome husband are two very rare exceptions to that rule.

I thought I had some idea of just how corrupt, venal, mendacious, and downright treacherous she and her husband were. That was before I had a chance to watch the documentary version of Peter Schweizer's book, Clinton Cash.

The film was available free for public viewing last night at 8pm EST, and thanks to overwhelming demand is now going to be available twice more for free today on YouTube, at 2pm and 8pm EST. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. If you have an hour free this afternoon or tonight, SEE THIS MOVIE.

The documentary, like the book that created it, reveals in comprehensive, factual, and devastating detail exactly how, when, and where the Clintons sold favours and political access to third-world tyrants, crony capitalists, globalist politicians, and lobbyists from around the world.

In so doing, they compromised American interests and national security repeatedly, thoroughly, and without so much as a hint of remorse or guilt.

You would expect such levels of graft, corruption, cronyism, and theft in third-world nations. Where I am from, it is perfectly normal for a large segment of the lower house of Parliament to be facing criminal charges and be quite wealthy. It is also quite normal to have convicted criminals who were miraculously pardoned, or served very light sentences relative to the severity of their crimes, getting elected into positions of considerable power at the state and regional levels.

This is, I repeat, NORMAL in the third world. It's the price of doing business. It's the culture in a lot of those countries.

That doesn't make it right.

And that sure as hell doesn't make it something that the United States of America ought to be aspiring towards. The last time I checked, third-world status was not something that Americans actually want for their country.

Based on the evidence, though, if Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States of America, that is precisely what will happen. A once-proud and free nation that attempted (and often failed, of course) to hold its elected representatives to a higher standard, will become a third-world kleptocracy with not even the veneer of democratic representation available to cover the stench of corruption.

The only rational conclusion that can be drawn from that documentary and the book is that the Clintons have even less dignity, even less modesty, than your average street hooker. At least the prostitute is usually honest enough to recognise that she is renting out her soul. The Hilldebeast isn't even honest enough to admit that much.

I am not for even a moment going to claim that her opponent, Trump-Muad'dib, is any paragon of virtue. He isn't. But, as far as I know, and as far as anyone else seems to be able to tell, he hasn't been selling political access and favours in return for cash- because he doesn't need the money, he has plenty of his own.

Come this November, it looks like American voters will face the most clear and stark choice between two ideologies, and two personalities, that they have faced in over a generation. On one side they will be able to choose a flawed, fallen, and utterly human man who nonetheless has taken on tremendous personal, financial, and reputational risk in order to give millions of Americans the voice that they have been desperately wanting for decades.

On the other, they will be able to choose what I can only conclude is a Daemonette of the Chaos God Slaanesh in human form.

Kind of hard to tell the difference between the two, if I'm honest
Choose then, and choose well. And if you do end up choosing the greater of two evils- so to speak, for I'm not at all convinced that the Trumpinator is actually evil- then upon your head be the consequences.

All rights reserved to Ben Garrison and grrrgraphics.com. Original image can be found here.

Saturday, 23 July 2016


It's been a while since I did one of these, and I'm too lazy to write a full long post today (plus, it's really freaking hot over here). So here is an assorted selection of moonbattery that has been going around over the past few days:


...That the Almighty does, in fact, have wickedly funny sense of humour:
An expedition to the North Pole intended to measure the effects of global warming ground to a halt this month when the scientist’s ship got blocked by the ice packs near Murmansk, Russia, reports reveal. 
The Polar Ocean Challenge set out on a two-month campaign hoping to prove that the ice at the North Pole was melting. As the expedition’s website explains, the group aimed to show “that the Arctic sea ice coverage shrinks back so far now in the summer months that sea that was permanently locked up now can allow passage through.” 
Despite their best intentions to show that the ice is melting and the temperature at the pole is higher than normal, the group has only been confronted with the exact opposite as ice continues to block their path
The website Real Climate Science notes that the Polar melt season is half over, but temperatures have not climbed high enough to sponsor a large melt off of ice. According to the site, there has not been a big melt, and ice gains seem to be very close to the amount of ice lost because temperatures near the pole have been persistently below normal this year. And at the very least, large ice floes have blocked the ocean passages around the area.
This is what happens when the SCIENCE is TOTALLY SETTLED. Because it REALLY is. No, really, it is. And you'd better believe us or we'll call you a Nazi!

An Epic of Epic Epicness

While driving an Aston Martin DB9 across France, the great philosopher Jeremus Clarksonius once described the magnificent engine roar of that beautiful car by saying, "this is how you beat the French- by shouting at them!".

It seems that one Stephen Crowder decided to take that advice a bit... literally, and used it to beat SJWs like unwanted stepchildren:

I am sorely tempted to say that the French and SJWs aren't all that different. But this would be a mortal insult to the French which, if I'm honest, they really don't deserve.

After all, even the French can be reasoned with (eventually, after enough wine and cheese have been consumed). SJWs, of course, are a lost cause.

Watching Steven Crowder tear that asshole a new asshole through sheer assholishness- does that make it an ass-ception?!- is the perfect tutorial for anyone new to the alt-Right. If you want to know how we win the culture wars, look no further than that.

After all, to paraphrase that other great English philosopher, Alfred Pennyworth, some men aren't looking for anything logical... They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

So if you're up against SJWs- why hold back? Just hit them between the eyes with both barrels. Show no mercy whatsoever, for you will be offered none.

What Is It With Brazilian Chicks?!

Apparently there are two Brazilian girls entering MMA for the first time and they're having a rough time balancing out looks with skills and frankly I couldn't care less about the "skills" part:
Bellator 159 will feature the debut of two undefeated Brazilian prospects, and the similarities between them go far beyond the same first name. 
Bruna Vargas and Bruna Ellen, both talents managed by the same man, Gilbert Faria, signed with the promotion in February, and are set to take on Emily Ducote and Jessica Middleton, respectively, at Friday’s show in Mulvane. And when their manager called to inform they had signed with Bellator, they couldn’t believe it. 
"I was a bit surprised because fighting for a big promotion like Bellator is an opportunity that every fighter wants," said Vargas, "and I’m really happy about it." 
"I said wow. We didn’t hope to sign with a big promotion yet," Ellen said. "Since the beginning our goal was to sign with an international promotion, but I thought it would take more time, that I would need to fight more in Brazil. I was really happy when that happened." 
Vargas and Ellen are both 2-0 in mixed martial arts with one stoppage victory each, and another similarity between them is their physical attributes. Both fighters gained notoriety in Brazil for their beauty even before signing with Bellator, and Ellen admits that it might have helped them sign a deal with the North American company after only a couple MMA fights.
Here's what the two Brunas actually look like (probably with the help of Photoshop, of course):

The "Photoshop" aspect is kind of important, because this is hat they look like without all the touch-ups:

Still not bad-looking, at all. Even if they did lose their most recent fights, and are therefore no longer undefeated.

There is something about Brazilian women that never ceases to impress me. They seem to have a rather good mix of genetics down there.

(Unfortunately, most of the Brazilians I know are guys- we have quite a few in my martial arts school, apparently Krav Maga is actually fairly well-established down in Brazil thanks to masters like Kobi Lichtenstein and Frank Colon. Both men have strong connections to my school; the former is a very close friend of my grand master, and the latter received his black belt from that same grand master.)

On a slightly more serious note- the complaints that these two ladies have about their looks being an issue are, frankly, ridiculous.

The reality is that women's sports is as much about looks as it is talent- if not more so. There are plenty of female athletes out there who would never have gotten anything like the amount of fame and prestige and attention that they have received if it were not for their looks.

I'm thinking along the lines of Anna Kournikova, Ana Ivanovic, and Eugenie Bouchard in tennis; Danica Patrick in stock car racing; pretty much any cute blonde in women's football ("soccer" to you Americans); and Michelle Waterson, Ronda Rousey, Paige Van Zant, and a few others in WMMA.

That is not to say that these women are not skilled in their respective fields. In WMMA, in particular, one has to be rather more than just a pretty face in order to win.

But the fact is that there is nothing wrong with being a woman and also being beautiful.

Women who are blessed with spectacular looks should make the most of them. They won't last very long, on average, after all. Hot young girls should make hay while the Sun is shining, as it were, and use those looks to get whatever life will give them- which, of course, is rather a lot.

Speaking of Cute Blondes...

If you've never come across Nicole Arbour's videos, I would rather recommend starting with the one that caused SJWs to explode like that epic sequence near the end of Kingsmen:

People completely lost their shit over this video. But I didn't, mostly because I thought it was very funny and I rather liked her weirdly refreshing "ditzy cheerleader meets motivational speaker" delivery.

Her looks (more specifically, her tits) don't hurt either, obviously.

As far as I can tell, this particular cute blonde appears to be on an epic quest to become the most hated woman on YouTube. At the time of this writing, she's infuriated:
And there are quite a few others, dating back quite some time. Her... perkiness gets rather grating after only a short while, but she's quite funny up to that point- even if she's full of shit, doesn't know what she's talking about, and uses straw-man attacks in lieu of actual facts.

Hey, she's young, she's hot, and she's reasonably funny. What else does a woman need in order to succeed in life?

You Had ONE JOB, Jon!!!

UFC 200 is obviously over and done and dusted by now, but you may remember that just four days before the event was due to start, with the biggest, baddest fight card ever assembled (supposedly), a certain light-heavyweight former UFC champion popped on an out-of-competition drug test.

Well, it turns out that getting a little, shall we say, medicinal assistance is something of a trend in the Jones family:
It isn't known what Arthur tested positive for, but whatever the case, the Colts will have to go the whole of September without the man who was signed to a 5 year, $33 million contract ($16 million guaranteed) in the 2014 free agency period. The Colts should be used to it by now, because he's hardly played for them. The 30-year-old only started 3 of 16 regular season games in the 2014-15 season, having been hampered by a serious ankle injury. During the 2015 preseason, Jones suffered an injury that ruled him out for the rest of the year. Sporting News listed Arthur's contract as the worst one on the entire Colts team. 
Earlier this year, Jon's other brother Chandler was traded from the New England Patriots to the Arizona Cardinals in a surprise move. Chandler, widely regarded as one of the best pass-rushers in the league, made headlines during last season's playoffs when he was hospitalized after an apparent bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.
The Jones boys are all jonesing, it would appear.

When it comes to taking PEDs, my views on the subject are actually fairly laid-back. I think that just about every sport is full of drug users and I don't think that there is much point in trying to enforce drug bans.

After all, athletes are paid considerable amounts of money to go out there and use their God-given talents for a purpose. They are given enormously valuable incentives to be the best. They are hyper-competitive by nature, and sport is by definition the ultimate meritocracy; only the best win.

Given the incentives, and given the utterly unregulated nature of the supplement industry, is it therefore any surprise that athletes will end up taking stuff to help them perform better?

The solution to this sort of thing, in my opinion, is to have two divisions within any sport. One would be completely PED-free, with bans for life instituted for anyone found violating those rules- no excuses accepted, no appeals allowed. The other would be completely un-tested in any way. And then we'll let the people figure out what they want to watch and spend their money on.

My bet is that the "dirty" divisions would very soon far outstrip the clean ones in terms of money, viewership, and prestige- because, guess what, people want to see a spectacle. They WANT the amazing to happen in sports. They WANT to see their sporting heroes and idols perform impossible feats of physical and athletic skill.

Until then, all I can say about Jon Jones is that, while I have great respect for his fighting skills- he's probably the best fighter ever to compete in MMA- I don't have any respect for him as a person. He strikes me as a man who has been given incredible physical gifts, and who insists on throwing them away by making ever more incredibly stupid life choices.

Rob Halford Meets BABYMETAL

I'll just let this one speak for itself:

All I can say is: damn, Rob's voice has gone down the shitter!

But then, I knew that. I saw JUDAS PRIEST perform live last November. Don't get me wrong, they are one of my favourite bands EVER. I love JUDAS PRIEST's music. But I've known for years that they have long since passed their prime- which was like 25 years ago with the album Painkiller.

Ever since then, they've gone downhill a long way. Their 2008 album, Nostradamus, was so bad that I don't think I have ever listened to it all the way through.

Despite this, they are still, to this day, one of the greatest live acts ever to grace any stage. So I have to say, it's interesting to hear a J-pop band playing their classic track with such enthusiasm while the Metal God himself graces the stage.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Great Crusade begins

At long last, it is done. Donald J. Trump is no longer the "presumptive" Republican nominee for President. He is now, for better or for worse, the man who will bear the standard of the Stupid Wing of the One Party of Big Government into electoral combat against the other wing.

This election is the most exciting that I can remember. I was born after President Reagan's first term ended, so I have absolutely no memory of what things were like back in the days when there was an actual choice available in terms of platforms and ideas. For years I thought that President BAMF, a man whom I respect and revere as I do no other President since Calvin Coolidge, was truly the Last of the Romans, the last great man to hold true to the ideals that founded this country and that made it the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

After the much-ballyhooed coming of the liberal (dipshit) messiah in 2008, I had thought that a platform of America-first nationalism, founded on and driven by an ardent love of what America was and just might become once again, would never be able to succeed. The election of 2012, in which Mitt Romney essentially tried his absolute best to be as inoffensive as possible to as many different minority groups as he could be- and failed miserably at it, as squishy centrist Republicans always do- was so boring that I simply didn't bother paying even a modicum of attention to it.

(Hell, there were times that I couldn't even figure out the actual differences between Odoofuss and Romney. He was that bad a candidate.)

But now we are greeted by the sight of a true outsider Alpha male, who refuses to be intimidated by anyone or anything, taking on the very epitome of the globalist establishment that has done so much to damage and destroy this country. This is shaping up to be an epic clash of both ideas and personalities, one that will be studied by historians for decades to come, no matter what the outcome is.

It should be a hoot to watch.

The major question on everyone's minds, including my own, is: can he win?

The answer, as far as I can tell, is that he will not merely win; he will humiliate the Hilldebeast in the process.

Now, let us make no mistake: there is a LOT wrong with Donald Trump as a candidate and as a possible President. He is intemperate. He is rude. His knowledge of statecraft is, to put it very kindly, rudimentary at best. His bluntness, his directness, his willingness to tell things as he sees them, are absolutely appalling to the establishment elites who would like to see nothing more than the sight of the rabble that he has roused being brought to heel- preferably in chains, so that they never dare to raise their heads to yelp at them again.

He is inconsistent in his beliefs; within living memory, he has claimed to be very, if not extremely, liberal in terms of his political beliefs, and has boasted of his friendships with the Clintons repeatedly. He has claimed to be for abortion before he was against it. He has claimed to be in favour of gun control, before he was against it. His statements on religion, immigration, and almost any other subject have contradicted each other repeatedly.

His business sense is... dubious, at best. He has been through multiple bankruptcies. He is a shameless self-aggrandiser who has no problem boasting about his accomplishments to anyone who will listen.

He is a shameless narcissist. His ability to shift effortlessly from his old positions to his new ones indicates at least mildly sociopathic tendencies. He is positively Macchiavellian in his ability to manipulate the media and use them to his advantage.

He is, in short, the very epitome of an Alpha male. And, since I am not a Gamma, I admire him tremendously for that very fact.

Now, having got all of the many, valid, and trenchant criticisms of The Donald out of the way, it's time we got something straight. I'm about to reveal the worst-kept secret in the Alt-Right when it comes to der Konig Drumpf- to most readers, this won't come as any kind of surprise at all.

This is for our friends over on the Left.

So here's the secret- the reason why we support Mr. Trump's epic conquest of American politics, the reason why we believe in him despite his oh-so-many manifest flaws as a candidate. Are you ready?! Are you ready?!? Here goes!!!


We just don't. We could not give a single flying proverbial about his past inconsistencies.

You want to know why? Because he is, quite simply, THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE with voice and influence and balls enough to tell the truth about what has happened to America, and to the Western civilisation that this great nation once guarded so zealously and so capably.

He is the only one willing to challenge the globalist elites head-on. As I have written before, he was, until not very long ago, one of those globalist elites. He is now a traitor to his own class. He has taken on enormous personal, political, financial, and reputational risk against the entire weight of the establishment

And he is winning.

He has given voice to the millions of Americans who know in their very bones that their country, their civilisation, their entire way of life, has been destroyed before their eyes. He has shown them that they are many, and they are strong. He has taught them that simply submitting meekly to the fate where America becomes yet another failed state, yet another terrible lesson in human foolishness cast upon the ash heap of history, is not the only option available.

He has pointed the finger of blame squarely where it belongs, against the globalist elites that have wrought so much evil in the name of human "progress". He has told the truth about what happens when America insists on importing millions of foreigners directly hostile to America's founding values. He has stated boldly that America must look after American interests first and foremost. He has been willing to name Islam as the enemy of a free West as nobody else in a position of power has even bothered to try.

As for his many business failures- a reader pointed out to me after I originally wrote this post that the public laughingstock that is Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahontas herself, had made a big deal out of some analysis done on Mr. Trump's business ventures. Apparently that analysis concluded that Mr. Trump could have simply plonked his money in the stock market and spent the rest of his days on a yacht nailing sailing with his hot-as-hell wife, and he would have done just as well.

You know what that tells me? It tells me that Mr. Trump is a man willing to work to earn his status and his power and his privileges. It tells me that Mr. Trump is smarter and better and more capable than well over 75% of all active money managers out there- many of whom are registered Democrats, for some bizarre reason. It tells me that he is of a methodical cast of mind, lives by his own exertions, and doesn't take shit from anyone.

I work for a living too. When I see a man who is not only willing but happy to take on great risks to achieve great rewards, I don't think that such a man should be torn down- I think that he should be respected and admired for his tenacity and his skill.

He is also a man whose sons and daughters are, in no uncertain terms, great successes in their own right. His personal life is certainly colourful, but his children speak of him as a firm yet loving father. Having a strong father myself, I know how important that is, and I respect Mr. Trump greatly for the fact that his children have spent their entire lives in the public eye- yet all of them are models of grace, dignity, and human decency.

Can, say, the Kennedy family claim the same thing?

As for his changing political beliefs- yes, he has been inconsistent. To which I reply: so what? Ronald Reagan started out as a liberal Democrat who supported President Roosevelt's massive social engineering programs- yet he grew out of that phase and became a rock-ribbed conservative and the greatest crusader against evil since Richard the Lionheart. Contrariwise, Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater Girl in 1965, yet look at what she has become now.

Satan used to work for God, too, y'know.

In the final analysis, in a contest between someone as charismatic, as outspoken, and as pugnacious as him, and someone as mendacious, lifeless, and downright evil as the Hilldebeast, I am quite confident that he will win.

I could, of course, be horribly wrong. I have been horribly wrong about such things in the past; back when Odumbass was elected, I thought that he might just manage to be a decent President. (Even I wasn't stupid enough back then to think that he would be good, but I was willing to settle for "decent".)

But recent events have given me reason to hope, as I had scarcely dared to hope before, that the American people will still rise up and take back what was once theirs.

And, as cheesy as it sounds, you cannot spell TRIUMPH without Trump.

So suppose this does, in fact, happen, and Mr. Trump thrashes the Hilldebeast in the general election- already, the Rasmussen polls, which I trust far more than any other, indicate that Mr. Trump is edging towards a slim victory.

I expect that this margin will only grow over time, especially once Mr. Trump begins campaigning in earnest against the Hilldebeast. She is an ATROCIOUSLY bad candidate, who is only able to stay in the race because the globalist media in this country hate and fear Mr. Trump so much that they will do literally anything to provide cover for her.

What would a Trump Presidency look like?

My honest answer is: I don't have the first damned clue.

And neither does anyone else. Anyone who claims he does, in fact, is so full of shit that if you slapped him on the back, piles of fertiliser would come flying out.

We do, however, have one past example to guide us. And that example is the very President that I revere and admire more than almost any other: President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Like Mr. Trump, President Badass was a product of his time. While he had far more political experience going into the 1980 campaign than The Donald did, he was anything but part of the Republican "establishment"- or any other establishment, for that matter. After serving as Governor of California, he retired happily back to life as a private citizen. And there he would have stayed, until his outrage at the way that President Ford handled relations with the Soviets forced him to re-enter politics.

He campaigned as a true outsider, a man willing and able to speak dangerous truths in a time when lies were the currency of the land. He refused to concede so much as an inch on the subject of the evil empire; his firm belief, from the moment he started his first, failed campaign, to the moment he finally retired again in 1989, was that the Soviet empire had to be destroyed.

He was a man of unbending principle, of immense physical strength and unmatched moral courage. He was a good man who became great because he followed the dictates of his conscience, and his profound, heartfelt conviction that Almighty God Himself intended for America to be free.

He entered office as an outsider. He governed almost entirely as an American nationalist. He put American interests first- not always with good results, mind. He was still fundamentally the same man when he left the Presidency as he was when he entered it. He never "corrected" and became a moderate.

And in the process, he transformed America. He gave her back her true self, if only for a short while. He became the greatest President of the 20th Century.

Mr. Trump has a chance to become one of the greatest Presidents of the 21st if he follows that same pattern.

Again, I could be hopelessly wrong. It could be that, once in office, his Macchiavellian tendencies take over and he betrays everything he campaigned on. It could be that he gives in to the Washington establishment and becomes exactly the kind of squishy, useless centrist that has done such profound and terrible damage to this nation.

But I seriously doubt it. He has burned too many bridges, destroyed the egos of too many careerist politicians. I think that he will do exactly what he has said he will do.

And the elites are terrified of that. As they bloody well should be.

So onward, God-Emperor Trump, to the Great Crusade. As a proud de Tocquevillean, I wish you all possible success in your quest to Make America Great Again- for I love this country, as you do, and I too would see it restored to its rightful place in the world.

How it should have ended

Back in the days when I actually did bother to watch network "TellAVision", as our friend Keoni Galt likes to say, there was a show on ABCNNBCBS called How I Met Your Mother. I am somewhat ashamed to admit- now- that I actually liked some of it.

The story was funny- up to a point, I guess. The early seasons were a lot of fun to watch, mostly because of Neil Patrick Harris's quite excellent turn as a player and expert pickup artist. He put an amusing spin on some of the most elemental aspects of game, and he did it in such a way that most of the audience never even noticed it.

But for those of us who had the eyes to see, we knew exactly what he was talking about.

The problem, of course, is that the entire show is steeped in political correctness and an appallingly poor understanding of human nature. (Or at least, it's poor to those of us who know better. When I first started watching the show, I most assuredly did not know better.) And inevitably for a show founded on such terrible premises, it eventually neutered itself and became lame, painfully unfunny, excruciatingly saccharine, and astonishingly stupid.

But the absolute worst part of the show had to be the series finale- more precisely, the very last episode of the two-part finale.

It started out rather well, with a storyline showing how Ted Mosby and his fiance- played by Cristin Milioti, who was just about the right mix of cute, endearing, charming, and silly- were getting on in their lives. The best part was about 8 minutes before the end, where Ted re-proposes to his fiance and spends time with his friends reminiscing over the long, painful, difficult road that led him to finally marry the right woman.

In a lot of ways, Ted's marriage to his wife makes a very great deal of sense. The show spent eight long and ridiculous years pretending that a nice-guy Beta male like Ted could pull gorgeous women repeatedly and easily. In reality, anyone who is as big a doormat as Ted Mosby is would be about as likely to meet, date, and bang twenty (count 'em!) beautiful women, not including his future wife, as I would be to become the next President of the United States of America.

But the season finale showed him marrying a cute, devoted, and endearing woman with most of the domestic qualities needed to be a good wife. It was pretty much the right way to end the show.

Unfortunately, this being commercial mass-produced television for a decadent and dying civilisation, the writers ruined it all by creating one of the absolute worst endings possible.

What they should have done was stick with the "official alternate ending":

It's not a great ending from the perspective of anyone who has any idea what marriage is really about, but it's not quite the disgusting politically correct poison that the original ending was either.

For all of the nonsense and stupidity in that show, it did make one point very well: finding the right woman to settle down with, these days, is becoming increasingly difficult with every passing day. The show portrayed Ted dating any number of women pretty much maxed out on the classic hot-crazy scale; while most of them would plainly have been well out of his league in real life, the show illustrated quite nicely that any reasonably high-status guy would still find it extremely difficult to find a woman worth his time that wasn't also completely batshit insane.

In the end, though, the show would have had him settle down with a woman who was cute, rather than Amber-Heard-hot, and not completely crazy. That is realistic and right for most men.

And then they jacked it all up by portraying him as having nursed a truly epic case of oneitis for something like 25 years, before making him literally run straight back to the aging and dried-out shell of his former flame, Robin Scherbatsky.

In the end, that show reminds me of everything that I hate about mainstream network television, and why I stopped watching that garbage. A show that wraps up by arguing that a washed-up careerist woman who was once extremely attractive can always find happiness eventually in the arms of some sad-sack Beta male does not deserve a good reputation. And a show that argues that a man should hang on for dear life to an unrealistic dream of a woman who has already rejected him several times over, in the hopes of finding his way back to her eventually, is pure cultural Marxist poison and deserves to be remembered as such.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Class, grace, respect, and style

It's all right there on the screen:

A lot of young women could stand to learn quite a lot from "The Preacher's Daughter" about how to be classy. This is a lady who punches other women in the face for a living. She is really freakin' good at it. And yet, listening to her speak in her interviews, she is really down-to-earth, has plenty of domestic skills, and cares deeply about her family and friends.

Oh, and she has a roundhouse kick that even Chuck Norris would find scary.

I have to say, I was pissed when I found out that Holly Holm lost her fight at UFC196 against Miesha Tate. I really wanted her to defend her belt; it was very refreshing to see a quiet, respectful, humble, gracious champion holding the women's bantamweight belt.

Sadly, it didn't happen; Miesha showed that Holly's ground game needed work. Now, it's not that Holly doesn't have skills in grappling or wrestling or jiu-jitsu- that would be downright stupid to argue, given what she showed in her (epic) knockout victory over Ronda "Do Nothing Bitch" Rousey. But she's clearly a striker by nature, training, and vocation, and it's tricky (though far from impossible) for great strikers to also become great grapplers quickly.

(In my limited experience- and it is limited- I have found that it is often even harder for great grapplers to become great strikers. Again, there are a few exceptions here and there- Dominick Cruz, for instance, started out as a wrestler but is one of the most dazzlingly inventive, evasive, and skilled strikers that I've ever seen. But on the whole, there seems to be something about starting out on the ground that makes it difficult for such folk to win on their feet. I don't know what it is, and would welcome informed opinions on the subject.)

But all of that is behind Holly now. She has a chance to prove that she's as good as I think she is, and potentially line up another shot at the title. I certainly hope that she will win against Shevchenko; if nothing else, it should be a rather good striking clinic.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Time to play "Name the Culprit"

Let's say you're in the south of France, enjoying a beautiful evening at the beach with friends and family in Nice. It's kind of an important day in French history. All of a sudden, you see a pretty damn big truck veer off the road and mount the pavements, plowing through crowds of your fellow revelers- and somehow, during the chaos and the carnage that ensues, you see and hear the sound of gunshots coming from the truck itself.

And in the aftermath, assuming that you managed to keep yourself and your loved ones and friends out of harm's way, let's say you see scenes like this:

(Let's see how long those videos stay up. The SJWs at Google tend to be pretty keen on censoring evidence of atrocities committed by followers of the-religion-that-shall-not-be-named, after all.)

So now that you've been exposed to that horror and the madness that follows it, let me ask you a multiple-choice question:

What would you guess as to the ideology of the persons who carried out the attack? Was it carried out by:
a) Basque Separatists
b) Some REALLY inattentive Pokemon Go players
c) Germans
d) Muslims

If you aren't French, and if you have a sufficient number of brain cells to figure out how to boil a pot of water, you'll know the answer pretty much immediately.

This attack wasn't carried out by TeleTubbies. It wasn't perpetrated in the name of "social justice" or liberte, egalite, fraternite. It wasn't some idiot's idea of a fun joyride. It was deliberate, planned, cold-blooded murder in the name of an ancient Arabic moon-god, whose followers insist that Western civilisation must be destroyed in the name of that fairy-tale.

I personally do not much like the French. I find them irritating, overbearing, and imbued with a wholly undeserved sense of cultural superiority. And despite my generally excellent personal relationships with specific members of the French community, I suspect that the feeling is largely mutual.

Despite that, however, I have never wished the French harm. And I sure as hell never wanted to go to bed on the night of the 14th with the knowledge that innocent French children were being ground under the tires of a truck on the Riviera.

And if I were in France right now, I would be wondering just why in the hell it is that the French government- supposedly sworn to protect the people of France- is insisting on averting its eyes and refuses to see the evidence right in front of it.

The French people have now been attacked three times in the space of 19 months. The Charlie Hebdo massacres in January 2015 were just a harbinger of things to come. The Bataclan attacks in Paris showed the world just how serious ISIS is about bring war and death to its enemies at home and abroad. And now we have the latest Bastille Day attacks in Nice, as if to hammer home the point.

France, and the rest of the civilised West, is now at war with an enemy that its elites refuse to name, refuse to confront, refuse to treat seriously. Air strikes are not a solution; they are merely a showy and expensive way of annoying one's enemies. The only way to actually win a war like this is to treat the enemy within and without as precisely that- an enemy that must be destroyed.

The worst part about these attacks is that they could easily have been prevented if only France had followed anything like a rational immigration policy. If the French people had refused to elect elites who believed in open borders and globalist institutions, and if the French elites themselves had not insisted on importing tens of thousands of barbarians from cultures and nations that are utterly alien and hostile to the very civilisation that France itself helped create, then these attacks likely would never have happened.

In fact, the only people who seem to be taking the attack seriously are the very people that the French establishment have scorned and mocked and derided for years as "ultranationalists" and "fascists" and "extremists":
The war against the scourge of fundamentalism hasn’t started, it must now be declared,” she said in a statement. “That is the deep wish of the French, and I will put all my energy so that they are finally heard and the necessary fight is finally undertaken.
France is now coming to the end of the road as far as its immigration policies are concerned. The entire country is being forced to confront a stark, terrible, and bloody reality that its people and its leaders would desperately love to wish away. But they cannot, and the rest of Europe will soon follow suit in confronting these horrors- I would go so far as to predict that the next country to face a really bad Islamist attack will be Germany, followed in very short order by Sweden.

The French elites, like the globalist leaders of nations across the once-free world, would have us believe that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam, that a supposedly great and peaceful religion has been subverted and corrupted by a cruel and evil minority that twists the teachings of their "prophet" into malicious lies.

This is complete bullshit. And it is well past time that we all stopped believing it.

Indeed, if I were in France right now, I'd be doing exactly what I've been doing with American news media and politics for the last few years: if the "establishment" says something is white, I immediately assume that it is black. Such is the extent of their mendacity, their blind folly, their insane stupidity in letting the violent racist supremacist political ideology that is Islam so thoroughly into the borders of the West.

I say this because I know something of the history of Islam. My own people were under Islamic rule for over five hundred years before we were colonised by the British Empire. The death toll during that period of Islamic imperialism was appalling, on a scale rarely seen up until that point in history.

So when I say that the West is facing an existential threat, I know of what I speak.

The beast isn't just at the door, pawing and howling to get in. Your leaders let it in- with a smile and a wave, and with an invitation to sit at the dining table and partake of the feast.

And now you wonder why it runs amok through your houses, slaughtering your children, raping your women, emasculating your men.

For my part, I wonder just why the hell it took the West so long to figure out that evil cannot be compromised with, cannot be reasoned with, cannot be treated as anything other than what it is. For that is precisely what we face- evil, in its most dreadful form.

And that evil has presented us with a three-part choice:
  • Convert to Islam wholesale- not an attractive option, I've lived in an Islamic country and I can tell you that I would much rather prefer to live under Christian hegemony any day of the week;
  • Agree to live as dhimmi under Islamic shariah law, while paying the jizyah tax of protection- which is not much removed from slavery, as any halfway-decent investigation into the realities of dhimmitude will tell you;
  • Outright war
The Western nations are at or near the end of the road. They have deceived and deluded themselves for decades into thinking that bringing in hordes of Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Iranians, and Afghanis- most of whom know nothing about Western culture, a very great many of whom agree at least in principle with the ideology of shariah law- could be done free of negative consequences. They all subscribed to the absurd theory of "magic dirt", believing that by bringing such folk over they could rapidly solve their own severe problems with rapidly declining fertility rates while still, somehow, preserving their culture.

In the last 19 months, some 400 people have now paid in blood for that folly- and that is just in France alone.

How many more must die before the French, and the other nations of the West, understand that we are at war? How many more children must be crushed under the wheels of trucks, blown apart by suicide bombers in the streets, gunned down in concert halls, or raped in their thousands while their police protectors refuse to do their damn jobs out of fear of being called racists?

What more will it take before the once-Christian nations of the West take up arms, expel the invaders who have defiled their native soil, and do whatever is necessary to contain and destroy the mortal threat of Islam?

I suspect we are going to find out very soon. And I tremble to think of how many will die both before and after that decision is taken.

Things are going to go from bad to worse to catastrophic in fairly short order, make no mistake about that. We are in a war for the very survival of our way of life, even if it doesn't look like that from where you are standing right now. The battle lines have been drawn. Choose your side, and choose well, for there is no going back anymore. The days of peace and plenty are done, and it will be a long and terrible road ahead before we see the like of them again.

Friday, 15 July 2016

An Imperial Rescript by Rudyard Kipling

Now this is the tale of the Council the German Kaiser decreed,
To ease the strong of their burden, to help the weak in their need,
He sent a word to the peoples, who struggle, and pant, and sweat,
That the straw might be counted fairly and the tally of bricks be set.

The Lords of Their Hands assembled; from the East and the West they drew --
Baltimore, Lille, and Essen, Brummagem, Clyde, and Crewe.
And some were black from the furnace, and some were brown from the soil,
And some were blue from the dye-vat; but all were wearied of toil.

And the young King said: -- "I have found it, the road to the rest ye seek:
The strong shall wait for the weary, the hale shall halt for the weak;
With the even tramp of an army where no man breaks from the line,
Ye shall march to peace and plenty in the bond of brotherhood -- sign!"

The paper lay on the table, the strong heads bowed thereby,
And a wail went up from the peoples: -- "Ay, sign -- give rest, for we die!"
A hand was stretched to the goose-quill, a fist was cramped to scrawl,
When -- the laugh of a blue-eyed maiden ran clear through the council-hall.

And each one heard Her laughing as each one saw Her plain --
Saidie, Mimi, or Olga, Gretchen, or Mary Jane.
And the Spirit of Man that is in Him to the light of the vision woke;
And the men drew back from the paper, as a Yankee delegate spoke: --

"There's a girl in Jersey City who works on the telephone;
We're going to hitch our horses and dig for a house of our own,
With gas and water connections, and steam-heat through to the top;
And, W. Hohenzollern, I guess I shall work till I drop."

And an English delegate thundered: -- "The weak an' the lame be blowed!
I've a berth in the Sou'-West workshops, a home in the Wandsworth Road;
And till the 'sociation has footed my buryin' bill,
I work for the kids an' the missus. Pull up? I be damned if I will!"

And over the German benches the bearded whisper ran: --
"Lager, der girls und der dollars, dey makes or dey breaks a man.
If Schmitt haf collared der dollars, he collars der girl deremit;
But if Schmitt bust in der pizness, we collars der girl from Schmitt."

They passed one resolution: -- "Your sub-committee believe
You can lighten the curse of Adam when you've lightened the curse of Eve.
But till we are built like angels, with hammer and chisel and pen,
We will work for ourself and a woman, for ever and ever, amen."

Now this is the tale of the Council the German Kaiser held --
The day that they razored the Grindstone, the day that the Cat was belled,
The day of the Figs from Thistles, the day of the Twisted Sands,
The day that the laugh of a maiden made light of the Lords of Their Hands.