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And then there was silence

Exactly 100 years ago, at 11am on November 11th, 1918, the guns fell silent across the battlefields of Europe as Allied French, British, and American forces coordinated with their Imperial German enemies to end what was, until then, the most terrible war that anyone had ever seen.

Silence fell across the trenches that crisscrossed the fields of the German border territories where the Allies had dug in, tearing up the once-rich and fertile soil with the hideous scars of a war that would ultimately claim upwards of 16.5 million military and civilian lives. Nobody knows anything like the exact number of dead; in the end, men fell like the winter wheat under the weight of the icy blasts of the north wind, and many - far too many - lay where they fell, never to know even the dignity and decency of a proper burial.

Silence fell upon the hellish shell-blasted landscapes of the Argonne province, the main campaign area of the final major offensive of the Grand Army led by Marshall Ferdinand F…

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