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Life in a low-trust society

There is a lot of commentary out there today about the fact - and it is a fact, an indisputable one for anyone with eyes to see it - that the United States of America is basically a dying empire inhabiting the geographical footprint of the American nation, and that it will eventually break up into constituent pieces that will thrive or collapse on their own merits as nations.

I have been arguing along these lines for quitesometime. The United States of America is devolving rapidly, breaking apart at the seams. In my view, the most likely outcome is that the USA will break up into anywhere from four to seven different nations.

Southern Commiefornia will probably break away and unite with a number of other coastal blue-state areas; the heavily Mexicanised border states will probably form another regional entity; "New England" will likely re-emerge as a united political entity; and the Midwest and deep South will likely form their own regional blocs.

I am sure that there will …

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