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Domain Query: Antidotes to despair

Commenter jg1 had some interesting points to add to my recent post that took the MGTOW movement to task for spreading despair:

I cannot for the life me find any evidence that MGTOW is a movement? Can you point me to where I can find its leadership and where it obtains its financing? For your very wordy blogpost, you still have not presented any solutions for us low IQ plebs on how to fight the big govt juggernaut behind the misandryist laws(including #metoo) and ways to defund the feminist movement? Until and unless there are ways to tackle this elephant in the room , the intended goal of total gender segregation to cull population will continue.

The social engineers have succeeded far beyond their expectations to actually cause a schism between the genders to prevent procreation from happening. As is obvious to you, the next stage in the gender segregationist goal is to jail men for merely looking at a woman. Here in Texas, a law has been passed where at any of its public universitie…

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