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The Left's thermal exhaust port

Remember the penultimate scene of the very first STAR WARS movie? The iconic, pivotal, brilliant Death Star Trench Run?
Remember how Luke Skywalker piloted his X-wing through a turbolaser-infested trench, into a veritable hurricane of enemy fire, while being hunted by Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced-x1 model with two wingmen in standard TIE fighters?
Remember that edge-of-your-seat final sequence in which Luke raced against time and TIE fighters on his tail to drop two proton torpedoes straight into the mouth of an unprotected thermal exhaust port about two metres wide, linking to the main exhaust port and leading directly to the main power generator?
And remember that incredible feeling when the Death Star finally KA-BLOOIEED into a bajillion pieces just as the switch was flipped to fire on the Rebel moon-base of Yavin IV?
(Yeah, I've got a LOT of old leftover STAR WARS trivia rattling around in my skull. It's actually kind of sad how much time I used to spend on the saga, e…

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